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KeriitLeto Review : SilkyGirl Lipbalm review!

08 February 2015

Hi ladies!
Today, we will make another "history" on my blog as this is my first time doing product review here.Usually, if the product good or work for me, I just keep it myself because I'm not sure it will be good on others.
But, this time I can't resist to share about this lipbalm. It totally make me fall in love with lipbalm. What I like about this lipbalm is its make my lips looks so healhty as you can see on most of my photos below..hehe, no editing there. And, its long lasting for sure.. I wore it for my airports day..hehe ( but not really recommend because later the immigration not really recognize you..haha).
This my current favorite..and I find the name of this lipbalm also interesting, its Red wine and the price just RM16++ if not mistaken. And, easy to buy.. you can buy it at Watson store.
In the name of favorite, I do my own shoot in the hotel that I stayed in Bangkok last week.
My first day in Bangkok so not sure what to do, so I enjoy the view of the hotel and do this shoot for sure.
Hope you like this review..hehe and the photos?!
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::Tips to avoid dry lips ::
Don't lick your lips, its make it more dry.

This lipbalm is perfect for your hot and hot Valentine's day date :)
Thanks for visit and read my blog!
See ya next post :)
My next post will be about my recent travel, so don't forget ya!

God bless you.


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