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Outfit Diary : Grey and blue ( Happy Holiday,friends!)

20 February 2015

Hi everyone!
Second day of my Chinese New Year holiday,yay! I don't want to waste time during this holiday.So, I went to Bukit Tinggi with my friends.This is my second time went here after my last visit on 2012. Wow! How the time flies, its already 2 years ago. 
Now, its time to update the memory here. I will make another post about my mini trip to Bukit Tinggi. On this post, I will share about my travel outfit yesterday.

Whenever we go to travel, we always wanted to look comfy and yet stylish because we know we will take  a lot of photo. Do you feel that way too? Or am I the only one think that way? Of course you also think the same right? You don't want to look so shabby and messy on every travel photos you will take. I been traveled many times recently and I learned so many thing during my travelling. One of it is what you wear when traveling is quite important because you represent where you come from.You don't need to wear like fashionista or something, just outfits that make you feel confident,comfy and feel great about yourself. When you feel good, people also feel good whenever they see you.
As for my travel outfit today, I choose to wear casual dress with my denim shirt(I make it as my jacket) and pairing it with my sneakers. This dress is great for walking around and of course, outfit shooting..hehe
What do you think of this pairing? Do you like it?
More photos after click here..

Au natural face..hahha, no no! There's so many people in front of me this time so awkward face!

It's CNY so everywhere is red tanglung! Its great for backdrop for outfit shoot today. Thanks, tanglung-sshi!

Whenever I went travel, I prefer wear sneaker than my flat shoes. But, I make mistake when I went to Thailand, I only bring my flat shoes..uh huh! It's hurt like hell!

As I growing up to be proper lady (uh yeah!), I start to learn that buy something that you can many times and you still feel happy about it. I brag about myhat! I love it whenever I wore it, its make me feel so confident and feel the right thing on my hair(actually its cover my bad hair day..hehe)

This casual dress really make a big statement whenever I wear it. Yes, I am Christian believer and I am not perfect, I keep improving and learning to make myself better.

"Spread the hands" pose. This pose is great for air circulation..haha

I feel wanna eat watermelon whenever see my backpack, such a delicious watermelon..yumm!!
I pairing this watermelon illustration backpack because its look fun on my back while my dress make the big statement.

One thing that I love about this casual dress beside then gray color is the mini slit on the left side,
 I like it babeh! Make me easier to walking..haha

I always said to myself " Expect nothing, appreciate everything".
In my life, I try to expect nothing on other people or expect any better day, I just want to appreciate everything and everyday that I had and always working hard for whatever I want and what my family want. My life basically about myself and my dreams with my family( mum and dad means world to me).

Since, I will walked a lot, I wearing my sneakers. Its really comfortable. Whenever you go travel and need to walk a lot, please wear sneakers, your feet will be happy!

Since my favorite saloon is closed during CNY and my front hair getting longer, I decided to trim it myself. And, very funny.. I accidentally cut my hair on the right side very short..arghhh! But, luckily I can cover it up. You can't see it now..haha

And, last but not least! Peace from KeriitLeto!
And, whatever you dreams, work for it, don't just wish! Do it now! People may question or not trust on your dreams, keep doing it, as long as you happy and not give trouble to anybody. This world is mean to live on your own and make this life is the best life you ever had.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
See you on next post ( Its about my mini trip to Bukit Tinggi!)

Have a good day!


Outfits Details ::

Dress :: Fashion Walk, Bangkok, Thailand
Denim shirt, backpack : Chatuchak market,Thailand
Sneakers : New Balance
Hat : Cotton On

Photography by Audrey Ping

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