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Outfit Diary : Red and black (Happy Chinese New Year 2015!)

18 February 2015

Hello everyone!
I officially start my Chinese New Year holiday today, yay! It's time to focus on what I love the most in my life for this moment..hehe, you know what it is.
Here is my first outfit diary for this holiday.
It's red and black. Yes, another red and black again in February! But you can wear this anytime you want. Once I fall in love with any color combination, I can't stop myself to do the pairing with same color again..haha. I am someone that will keep love something until I feel "I'm done" and then, I will move on.

This time, I wearing my black lace dress which I love. I love the lace things lately. Especially the black lace or white lace. I love it! In my opinion, the lace dress  is very romantic look.
Since, the lace is already beautiful, I don't want to  wear any accessories to avoid it look so messy instead I pair it with pop of color which is my red mini handbag( love love love) and to make myself taller, I wear my trusty nude shoes.But, if you feel "empty", you can add small earring, simple bracelet. If the dress feel so lose on you, just add your skinny belt to emphasize your waist. Here, I do not add my skinny belt because I want the attention on my bag and the dress.
I think this pairing is great for dinner, night out with girlfriends or boyfriends or just wanna having fun dress up just like me here.hehe
What do you think of this pairing?
Click here for more photos :)

I make the red mini handbag as my clutch. That why I love mini handbag, it can be wear in any style.

What I love the most of this dress..the bare back..uh yeah!

Before I end this post, I would like to share the outcome of my self portrait today. I still learning to focus nicely but I always failed so far. Don't give up,Aya!

Finally, thanks for visit and read my blog!
Hope you will have a good time this holiday and for all Chinese friends that ever visit my blog, Happy Chinese New Year and have a blast one! Don't forgot to capture the good moment but at the same time, cherish every moment with your family, put down that smartphone sometimes and talk directly with your family members.

God bless you,

Outfits Details :
Dress :: Kitschen ( 50% off)  (
Mini handbag :: Terminal 21, Bangkok,Thailand
Shoes :: Steps
Nails polish :: Elianto ( Tiffany blue)

Photography : Keriitleto Photography

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