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Outfit Diary: Black and red | Happy Valentine 2015!

15 February 2015

Hi lovely!
Happy Sunday!
As usual, here is my Sunday outfit today. Surprisingly, I wore red..
I rarely wear red in my life because I always thought its too bright and I will get noticed easily everywhere..haha, but who care right? I start to love red when I saw one mini handbag in red and I just can't help falling in love with that mini handbag(of course, she is mine now..can't wait to debut her!). And, I think I like red this time because this is the month of red ( Valentine's day and Lunar year celebration), red is everywhere right?

Here, I pairing red and black, total black. Black cardigan, black handbag and black thin belt. In my opinion, by pairing red with black, it will look balance because red is too bright and black is too dark, so its will look great and its very easy combination.  
Maybe, you curious why my post title is I'm happy today, not describe my outfits name.
Yes, there small things that I am so grateful today, but it too personal to talk about here.
I just say I'm happy!Before this, I always said when I wore blue and white, that mean I am happy.Now, I am wearing red and black, I am happy too. I never know, other color can make me so happy beside blue and white. I should wore other color more after this.

Second version of this red dress. Just take off the cardigan and tadaaa...
This look great for your date with your love one, hanging out with friends and dinner with anyone..hehe
What I love about this dress is there pocket!
I can always put my hands on it.

Thanks for read and visit my blog!
See you again :)

God bless you,

Photo by Audrey Ping & Suzanne Lerim

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