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Outfit Diary : Pattern clash | I don't mind!

22 February 2015

Hi there!
As usual, here is my outfit Sunday. It's look like I'm not move on with midi skirt yet.Yes, I am. I'm not moving on yet.Still in love! The midi skirt may not really big trend this years but I don't mind to wear it again and again, its too comfortable for me, hide all the weakness I have. I have so much collection of midi skirt, some of them I still can't wear it yet, need to line up. And, the blue and white pairing make comeback today.I miss blue and white! But, this one is not typical blue and white pairing. 
Its blue stripped shirt and floral skirt. Overall look still look like blue and white.haha

Lately, I start to worry about my weight. My weight keep increasing and I need to do something to be healthy.

I love this black mini handbag. The moment I saw it, I knew that she is there for me. I can't wait to go to Chatuchak market again..there so many pieces that I wanted there..haha

 Taking outfit photos is such a wonderful routine to me. I feel happy whenever I saw the photos with my outfits, I am happy to see myself happy and I really love that kind of feeling. Who doesn't happy when they do what they love right? 
I have deep thinking of my life recently, thinking of what do I really want? what do I wanna be? where I want to grow old and who the one that I want to spend the world of my life with? Its too confusing and I hate think of that stuff, I love its happen and happen without think too much.
I found that, I am happy doing this stuffs, I will keep doing it even though I will be not very young again and a lot of people will start questioning, what the hell am I doing now with my life?
I just want to say, I make my life happier.
I heard on the radio while I am driving,
" Life is complicated enough, focus on positive things"
Yes! Need to focus on positive and let the negative thing makes you grow!

As usual, thank you for visit and read my blog.
The layout of my blog changed(if you noticed!)but there some issue with the main photo of every post, its seems extended ( not good for sure!), I'm still working on this now.
And, to check out more photos, please click the title.

Outfit details: 
Midi skirt :: Vietnam
Stripped shirt: Thailand
Shoes : Vincci
Mini Handbag : Chatuchak Market,Bangkok
Sunglasses : Cotton On
Watch : Terminal 21,Bangkok

Photographer : Elyss Mering

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