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Travel Diary : What to do in Bangkok in one day?

09 February 2015

Location : Suvarnabhumi Airport

Hi there!
The travel post is about to begin.
My last week is full of blast because I have chance to visit two country within 10 days. The first country is Thailand in Bangkok city for the very first time. 
I traveled to Bangkok because of my main work and lucky me I got one day in Bangkok while wait for my flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on next day.
So, since I have only one day what should I do?
The night before Saturday, I do my own research about what places to visit in Bangkok and there so many recommend places to go.
Without further due, let's get our one day journey in Bangkok!

Before I talking more about this one day trip, I will share the BTS map with you guys so you get what I am talking about.

Source :

Silom Line : The dark green

Sukhumvit line : The light green
MRT : The Blue line

I stayed at Sukhumvit area, this area is really convenience area for me as its near to BTS station 

(Phrom Phong)

Visit temples and palaces

i. The Grand palace

Opening Hours : Daily from 08:30~ 15:30
Admission fees : 500 bahts 
How to Get There : Take the Silom Line and get off at Saphan Taksin Station (or S6 Station) and go out through Exit No. 2. Then, take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Ta Chang Pier (No.9). A 5-10 minute walk will bring you to the entrance gate of the Grand Palace.

More details about The Grand palaces here :

ii. Wat Phrachetuphon Wimonmangkhalaram Ratchaworamahawihan (WAT PHO)

Opening Hours : Daily from 08.00 hrs. - 18.00 hrs. 

Admission Fee : 100 baht for foreigners 

How to Get There : SkyTrain to Saphan Taksin Station S6. (Silom Line), Take Exit 2 and go to Chao Phraya River Express Boat Pier.Take boat heading to Tien Pier (N.8) and walk straight to WAT PHO

For this 2 places, I didn't have chance to go because my feet feel painful, I wore my flat and walking too much at Chachutak market.

Lesson learned, don't go shopping first if you want to visit this places and wore sport shoes is better, I forgot to bring my sport shoes.
Experience the floating market

If you still have time and energy, you can go to floating market. There many floating market and I read one blog about Bangkok, here is the recommend floating market to visit :

i. Damnoen Saduak or Amphawa floating market

Photo credits :

As I mentioned above, I also not managed to visit floating market due to my feet feel so painful. But, don't worry! Mr Google can help you..hehe, so sorry I cant talk more about this. But, next time I will go here definitely. For now, I let Mr google help you first. :)

 Shopping at Market or local mega mall

As per two places above, I always said I don't managed to visit, but this one is not something that I should miss. Its shopping time!!!

i. Terminal 21

Opening hours : 10am~ 10pm
How to get there : SkyTrain to Asok Station . (Sukhumvit Line) and follow the Terminal 21 sign.
Review and recommendation places : I love this mall and the level that I love the most is level 3. 
Full of accessories and cute things.

ii. Siam Paragon

How to get there : SkyTrain to Siam station (Sukhumvit Line).

Big smiles in the BTS station.. I will do this here next time..hehe

What I love about their BTS card is they have the route print on it. So, its easy to track where you are now and what station is now. For short girl like me, its hard to check the station route on the display.especially when the crowded time..huh!

iii. Chachutcak or Khlong Toey Market

If you are on weekend, then I recommend go to Chachutcak market and if you are in weekday, go to Khlong Toey Market.

This time, I went to Chachutcak market so I talk more about Chachutcak market.
How to get there : SkyTrain to Mo Chit station (Sukhumvit Line).

Oh boy!
This part I love the most! Its shopping time..hehe
Usually, I will find something that Made by local because I feel its more worth it but I honestly admit, sometime  I lure by the China made stuff because I like it but at the end of the day, I feel regret because my luggage wanna explode!

Eat local food or street food
This is common view of food vendor along the street.
I dare to say that, its safe to eat this street food but need to be extra careful, choose the street vendor that look clean, you can judge it.

One thing that I love about travel is eating the local food. Plus, communicating with local vendors with my hand communication or I want that, how much? money money.hehe.. I love that experiences. During my stayed in Bangkok, almost every night, I bought food from street because they look mouth watering and one the best is as above. Its yummy! But, as usual I ate alone at my hotel and choose to not eat on the street because I feel weird, eating alone..
Currently, I hate eating alone but I cant stop eating alone..huhu

Enjoy night along Nana's street or visit Victory Monument

How to get there : SkyTrain to Nana's station (Sukhumvit Line).
Nana's street is one of the street that full of street vendors that sell almost everything. You can spend you night by walking along the street and take a look of good things and unique things. I didn't buy anything from the street because I feel lazy to bargain. I just watch and see the nice things. Since I went to this street very early so there's no vendor yet.
Or you can visit Victory Monument by stop at Victory Monument station and explore the area.

How to get there : SkyTrain to Victory Monument station (Sukhumvit Line).
This is the busiest roundabout I ever seen so far. Here full of car and peoples. I just stand on the bridge and watch people walking and see the cars..and of course, I snapping photos.

This is Victory Monument

After I went to Thailand, now I get it why their ads such a amazing ads. Every where is ads so really need fresh and amazing ideas, so the ads will get noticed.

Very big roundabout and a lot of cars and peoples. Don't worry when you walk around here. For me, I enjoying snapping photos as per usual.

Shopping duty free at airport
Whenever I am at certain country airport, I usually never bother to check out any items even there sign "Duty free" but at Thailand airport, Suvarnabhumi airport, you must check it out and save a little money for your quick shopping here.
I really love their traveller cosmetic packaging here and it affordable too. I still can't stop thinking of the NARS lipstick, I should buy it not leave it! :(
So, ladies! Have a good quick shopping here.
And, I bought something from here..
its scarf!

Thanks for visit and read my blog.

Hope it will help you on your plan to Bangkok.

Next post is what to do in HCM city in one day?



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