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Travel Diary : What to do in Ho Chi Minh city in one day?

13 February 2015

Hi there!
Another travel post is here.
I traveling to Vietnam or more specific, Ho Chi Minh(HCM) city for 3 times already and I feel so comfortable whenever I went there, meaning I can went anywhere I want without use google maps(online) but just simple maps still..hehe or sometime, I asking local people for guide.

I travel to one country to another country because of work, so I don't have much time to visit all the attraction places and usually, I got half day or one day and after office hours so I will use this chance to explore the city and feel the vibe of city. It may short period but I love it!
Ho Chi Minh city or previously known as Saigon( but local people still called it Saigon), it already feel like my second home now, local people always thought I am a Vietnamese(this make me walk freely) and what I like about this city is I can travel one to another places easily by walking without harm, no people will bother you and if you in the central of the city, you can get taxi easily, there so many taxi in the city!
Whenever I start to explore the city, I always prefer walking because I love to take photos along the way. Sometime, I found myself in the middle of road with my camera. In the middle of road mean, I'm in the road divider ( their road divider is different, you can stand there..). I really enjoy  that moment because that's make me feel so alive.
Okay, without further due, here is the 6 must do when you in HCM city for one day.

Visit nearby attraction places 
Location: Notre Dame Cathedral

Each country and city have their own attraction. So, don't forget to visit Google the night before the free day and type " what must places to visit in _____ put the name of city you visit. Or check the nearby attraction from your Google Maps, I think this one easier. I know, there many places to visit and one day is not enough, so what you should do is plan your route so you have organized trip and not waste time to travel to each places. 
In HCM city, there a lot of attaction. This time, I have a chance to visit below attraction. Actually all the places just near to each other so you can just walk and ask around while showing your maps to local people. They will show you how to go:)
Recommendation places :
> Notre Dame Cathedral
> Reunification Museum
> War museum
> Independent museum
>Hard Rock Cafe
> Central Post Office

Location : Central Post Office

Quick shopping (if you like)

Location : District 1, HCM ( I forgot the area name)

When the first time I went to HCM city, I do shopping because the prices of things I like is quite cheap here.If you prefer cheaper price, you can visit Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Square and some of the street vendors. Don't forget to always bargain! Don't just direct buy but look around and compare price. I recommend buy souvenir here especially key chain, magnet fridge, lotus seed and local coffee, but don't forget there many shop owner sale the same things, so don't forget to compare price before buy.
But, this time I feel like my shopping taste just drastically changed. I do not shopping any clothes here because I already feel amazed with Bangkok fashion..ahaaha. So, what I looking for is the unique items that made in Vietnam especially accessories and vintage stuff. I love that! So far I can't find the good and cheap shop for local accessories here..huhu

One thing that I really amazed of Vietnam culture is they really love flower. I feel like flower is really big deal here.

Work hard for life.

Lunar year preparation...

Drink local coffee
Peach Black Coffee

I love coffee so of course I will find local coffee shop whenever I visit any country. One coffee shop that I really love in HCM is Phuc Long Coffee and Tea express. The service is good and fast, staffs can speak in English. The coffee taste so good, it can make me can't sleep all night long. New discover this time is Peach Black coffee, taste like a peach but I like it!
I want to sit and enjoy the coffee shop in Vietnam, but usually I never get the sit in this coffee shop because it already full of local teen here, no place for me..too bad!

I think there's some famous local coffee to in HCM like :
Nguyen trang
Highland coffee 
Street coffee

Eat your lunch and breakfast in street

I find myself sitting in the street eating local food and enjoying the busy road in front of me is quite fun! At first, I was scared to eat this kind of places because its look poor hygiene, but don't be afraid " be wild while we are young!"..ahha. One thing is really hard is order the food you want, the food vendors can't understand English sometime. So, if this happen, just go to local shop and just point at what you want eat. :)

This one taste like nasi goreng in Malaysia..

Oh mama mia, I love this one..but I forgot the name already. The taste is just right, not too sweet..
Don't ever forget to eat Pho.

 Enjoy the night view
in Ben Thanh Market

On the road..busy road!

and, this signature tower of Saigon!
I admit, I'm still learning to take night photos. I feel so hard to learned this.

Relaxing in the local park

I love park so much especially the park in the middle of city! I feel like there peace and tension together and it mixed very well. I love fresh flower and I love to see people enjoying their time with their family and friends in the nature. Its make me feel so alone..haha, forever alone!

That's all for Ho Chi Minh city travel for this time. 
I am sorry if my explanation of this itinerary for one day in HCM city is not really good.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!

See you next time.


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