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Outfit Diary : Basic always work!

Happy Wednesday!
It's already the middle of the week..yay! I can't wait for this weekend. I will let you know why after I talk about outfits as per usual. Today, I wore basic outfits. Lately, I always prefer minimal or basic outfits. I think it suit me very well. I wanted to feel comfortable and look effortless chic in everything I wear. Beside, basic is always work! You can wear it for  formal by add some jacket on it or casual look by pairing it with your favorite jeans. Whenever you wear basic outfit, avoid to look so dull and boring. How? For me, I love to add statement necklace and wore bright color on my accessories especially shoes or handbag. You can add something that you love, maybe bright lips color?
What do you think of this look?

Outfit Diary : Minimal outfits

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you have a nicest Sunday.
Today, Kuala Lumpur (KL) weather is quite bad, gloomy  and rainy day but nice weather for me because finally I can wear my long cardigan..haha. I can't just simply wear it in this humid and hot weather.People will start to look at me weirdly and I know what they thinking "what the hell she thinking, wearing the long cardigan in this hot weather?, she must be mad!". I think too much about that, right? You can wear whatever you want but sometime you need to think of your comfortableness, think smart whenever want to be fashionable in this humid country. Don't scarified  your comfortableness just to be fashionable. No compromise whenever come to comfortableness.

Outfit Diary : Roll it Bae!

The last pairing of my black maxi dress. You must feel tired see me with the same shirt..haha.Sorry ladies! This is the art of do outfit shoot outside. I'm sorry, I can't just simply take off my shirt in this kind of places. No matter how, I won't take it off even for the shake of my photos. It may the same shirt but different styling ya! This time, I just roll my shirt to the right to make it look stylish in my eyes..haha. You can roll in to front, depends on you. This pairing is great for go to beach or whenever you feel lazy but you need to find something to eat. Just roll it Bae and go out!

Outfit Diary : Alone

Hi again, it's me Aya from KeriitLeto.
This is second look of my black maxi dress pairing. This is simple way to revamp my previous look. Still the same shirt, but you can wear different shirt. For my case, I can't take off my shirt freely here so still the same shirt. I adding black cardigan and soft purple clutch.If you like, you can wear your statement necklaces, but I love this kind of look. Simple and easy! This pairing great for go out with friends for any plan, maybe lunch, brunch, or dinner or just stroll around the park just like me now.
What do you think of this look?

Outfit Diary : How to wear black maxi dress?

Happy Saturday everyone!
I have a great Saturday because I do what I really love and I'm quite satisfy the result. Since I feel brave to do my outfit shoot outside, my weekend plan always full. On Friday night, I started to think of what the featured item this week? and,this time, the location is Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya, I love love Putrajaya park. This is my second time here after my discovery day. I really love this place/park because its full of green and the air feel so refreshing even during mid day, I just don't care.  
The featured items this week is black maxi dress.

Random Post : Keep dreaming Aya,you'll get there

Hi there!
Today, I feel so stressed out and its make me headache. I got called from my mum and she asked me something that I couldn't share here, its family matter. That matter really make me feel devastated, disappointed, sad, angry and now, I don't know what I feel. 
I'm so sad whenever things come like this. I'm trying too hard to make my dreams come true but some people won't understand it and see it as useless thing to do. 


Keriitleto WP : Boutonnière for Wendy's wedding

Hello there!
Happy Wednesday to you and me :)
Hope you have a nice day so far.
Today, I'm so excited to share about my latest DIY  boutonnière for my friend's wedding. 
As per usual, I tried to insert my own element on each boutonnière that I makes. Last time, I add origami with the flowers and this time, I add another pattern of origami.

Outfit Diary : The shades of grey

Hi everyone!
Happy Sunday ~
Today, I'm going to do 3 series of outfits diary.
and, today its all about grey!! This series was inspired from my grey shirt. Usually, I love the white t-shirt more than anything but this grey shirt is really hard to resist and at the same time,  I tried to wear other color than my usual color. I mean blue and white.
So, for today, let embrace that grey shirt with my dark blue jeans that I got from Forever21 right before Christmas last year, still love it now.
This look is great for brunch with friends, run a errands such as grocery shopping and maybe just want to going out for the fresh air.

Outfit Diary: The shades of grey ( Denim and grey)

Hola again ladies!
Here is the second outfits for the shades of grey series today.
Its denim and grey combo!
As you already know, I love and love denim for this moment. This piece is so stylish,comfortable and of course,versatile.Whenever I feel like nothing to wear( there the day like this..always), I will grab my denim shirt and make it as jacket or wear it alone. Here, I paired it with my grey shirt.
This outfit great for window shopping(we loves this girls), brunch or lunch with your friends during weekend or just wear it whenever you feel like. 
Enjoy this pairing.

Outfit Diary : The shades of grey ( Double grey)

Hi again. I need to say hi no matter what because its new post..haha
Basically, its the same as the first one but I add the buttoned printed blouse to make it look a little bit different than the first one. I always love the shirt that I can wear in many way and its look different everytime, or it maybe not too different but I love playing with my outfits. Its make me feel happy. I love being surrounded by pretty and versatile clothes. I feel like there no other place that can make me happy than this.Okay, forgot about my rumbling over clothes, I will never stop.haha
This outfit is great for outing day with your friends in the park, enjoying the scene and its great for your travel too. Its feel so hot nowadays so I prefer wear something light but usually when its light, it always too revealing.I don't care about that but people's eyes care about that. So, when in that situation, just wear your buttoned printed blouse to make people stop staring at you.

Because I'm a girl ( 5 reason I hate being a girl)

Whenever I feel down, I like to mumbling and rumbling about being girls. I don't know why but I always like this. There's time hate being girl and there time I feel proud to be one.
Boy or man out there, its very hard being girl or women, you know! But,I never wished to be a boys or what. I'm thankful living as a girl  even though sometime is very hard and today is super hard for me. So, I will share my humble and honest opinion about 5 reasons I hate being a girls.This is my story,not every girls story.
Get ready to read my honest opinion..haha
Girls, don't be mad at me if what I said too honest.

Thinking of getting tattoo?

Hi there!
Don't be shock with my post title today.
I'm considering to get one now.It's funny how I used to hate tattoo during my very very young age and now, I feel like I wanna get one.Time did change people's taste and thinking right?
In my opinion, getting tattoo is not a bad thing to do in this life. Its personal choice..
I don't care of people with a lot of tattoo as long as they good people. For me, even if you don't have tattoo doesn't mean you are good people(maybe you are) but for people that have tattoo, they're not bad people, maybe some of them..but who are you to judge?
I know, in religious way.. we can't have any tattoo on our body because its make us invisible in God eyes.Maybe this is one of the reason I hate tattoo before. But, God don't see your physical appearance, He see your heart. I don't encourage you guys to have your tattoo but in case you already have one, don't be afraid to come and praise God. He accepted you no matter what your appearance.
But, I'm not a big fan of super tattooing. I just love minimal tattoo.
Here is some of my favorites.


Outfit Diary : First pink

Hello Saturday!
Oh my! Oh my! The worst Saturday ever this year..
I feel sick ( cramped ). This what I hate about being girl. Every month is struggling! I just hate it.
I think I always mumbling about this stuff. 
Okay, just forgot about that.. It's time for outfits diary.
What the biggest thing to reveal? Yeah..its my super stomach..hahaha, I forgot to suck in and I'm too lazy too exercise. I'm not pregnant, I forgot to suck in my biggest stomach..ahaha
And, finally, there's other color on my blog! Uh yeah!
Actually, I'm fan of pink but I'm not really sure why I rarely wore pink on my blog.haha
such a funny fact right?
I wore this outfits yesterday for works. Its great for works right? 

Outfit Tips : Slip on sneakers

Hello there!
Welcome back to my blog. I'm sorry for my lack update lately. I'm not become lazy.  As I mentioned on previous post, my laptop had technical issue so I can't do the blogging stuff very well. I did posting couple of post via phone but the feeling is not same like when I use laptop.Okay, since the technical issue already resolved, now I'm back.
Okay for today, I wanna share about my favorite fashion items,which I love the most for this moment.
This time, let's focus on....


I feel alive!

Hi there!
It's Tuesday and its hot hot hot day for me.. I had such a bad day today. This day full of anger and I cant control it today. The fire inside burning so quickly. Maybe this is the meaning of my dream last night. I dreamed of myself almost drowning in the water that full of fire. Its really scary!

But, I don't care about that now. I try to think positive about that but I didn't find any positive about it. So,I choose to just ignore it.
Today, I once again feel so alive because my laptop can be saved!!
I can't live without you my laptop, I can go crazy without you.
Now, we reunited! yay!!!

Dear laptop, don't die again okay???
I will take care of you better from now on..
Love ya!

Outfit Diary: Vintage floral maxi dress

 Happy Sunday everyone!
As usual, I hope you guy have a lovely Sunday. Feel so hot in Malaysia right now so drink a lot of plain water to stay hyradated, okay?
For today outfits, I'm soo excited to talk about it. I always feel excited about whatever I wear actually..haha. I bought this dress at Vintage shop in Metro Point Kajang. There one vintage shop that I always visit whenever I go to Metro Point Kajang.The price is really cheap for sure, the style is soo vintage, which i love much! I love go to vintage shop searching for 'gems', I can spend my whole day in the shop..haha.For me, this kind of shop is mini heaven because I can search for unique items that will never same with others and the price is super cheap too,who doesn't like cheap and beautiful thing right?.The first time I saw this dress, I knew that she is for me..I need to buy it! So,here we're.. 
i love this so much and I pairing it with my statement necklace which I love love too.I love everything that I bought with my own money and what people gave me. Without further due, let enjoy the photos.
I think the photos look quite blurr right?
I blogging from my phone for this moment due to my laptop already dead.. 

Outfit Diary: Black lace meet denim

Happy Sunday.. here is my outfit for yesterday. I went out to Mid Valley with my housemate search for her work attire. I'm stressed out because of my laptop so I need to going out to make myself not thinking too much about my broken laptop. 
During my lunch time, I ate a lot because I feel so sad but its not right to eat too much when you stressed out. I cant controlled my self do at the end i feel fat..as always! to make sure i hide the stomach that i cant even suck in anymore,i wore black. Black give illustration of being or look thinner but for me, its depends too. i pairing it with my denim cropped jacket to make the illussion of wrist there. without further due, lets take look of my outfits yesterday.

Keriitleto collection: Geometry accessories

Hi there!
Its Saturday and supposedly I should be happy because its weekend..my favorite day of the week. but, there one thing that never I expect to happen this year, my loyal laptop finally say goodbye to me,such a cery bad news for me. now, I need to keep blogging using my phone.
Okay, I try to forget about that and think positive, everything is temporariry so let forget about this and move on. I think start this year, I started to have big interest on accessories especially necklaces and rings. i just love them to spice up my outfits. Early this year, I started buy it one by one and when i went abroad I also search for it. Now, withou no time my collection growing and they can make me feel happy whencer I wore them. they like a good spirit to me. When I can afford gold in future, i definitily buying the same design and wear it passionately.

Outfit diary: Denim addiction continue ( such a bad day)

Hi there!
Today, my denim addiction continue..
i bought this shirtdress from bundle shop. I love it even though the value is just RM10. I pairing it with my pink flat shoes and the flat matching with my background today.
But, today I feel dont want talk too much about this now because I currently feel fed up with my laptop.. she almost die now.
but, life must go on.. this is my happy face before the disaster!!!

Outfit Diary : Denim on denim ( Thought I knew)

Hi there!
It’s Wednesday, it half way there my friends, you know what I meant..haha
For today outfits, I wore denim on denim. Its very easy yet stylish pairing for me.
Denim style never fail to makes me happy.
Before I start to talk about my outfits today, do you know the denim and jeans is two different thing? I always think this two is same thing and until I make this post, I keep thinking, is it true denim is jeans. So, I do little research, Mr Google told me, it's different. Jeans is everything that I wore on my photos and denim is the name of the fabric that is used to make jeans.hurmm.. interesting fact right? So, my title still correct right?nevermind..hehe


Outfit Diary : Blue on blue

Hi there!
Once again, my favorite color strike on my blog again. Sometime I laughing at myself because I wearing too much blue color, seem like I’m too comfortable with blue nowadays.But, who care right?
For me, there no other color that really can make me feel the way I feel when wearing blue..haha but maybe black can challenge blue. 
For today outfits, I went very casual,my usual outfits for my work actually. This one thing I love about my job. I can wear whatever I want, that's make me feel good.
 How about you? Do you like the way you dressing every day when you go to working? 
Or you can’t wait for weekend to show who you really are?haha.. I used to be like that. But, now I won't wait for weekend, I can dress well everyday.


Outfit Diary : Shade of white | Hello March!

Hi there!
Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you have good time.
"Hello March 2015!".
The times flies so fast,right? I can't even believe we already in March now. But, need to believe it no matter what.Last month was great for me as I finally make one of my longest dream come true. I still can't believe this happening now..haha. But, its a secret dreams of mine, one day and on the right day, I will share it with you guys. For now, let just ignore this..hehe.Lets talk about my outfits now, I can't wait to give a long description on it. Today, I wore one piece white dress. I bought this dress long ago but not manage to wear it until today as my blog full of white and blue, I feel like want to try other color but who care if I overload my blog with blue and white, right?