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Because I'm a girl ( 5 reason I hate being a girl)

14 March 2015

Whenever I feel down, I like to mumbling and rumbling about being girls. I don't know why but I always like this. There's time hate being girl and there time I feel proud to be one.
Boy or man out there, its very hard being girl or women, you know! But,I never wished to be a boys or what. I'm thankful living as a girl  even though sometime is very hard and today is super hard for me. So, I will share my humble and honest opinion about 5 reasons I hate being a girls.This is my story,not every girls story.
Get ready to read my honest opinion..haha
Girls, don't be mad at me if what I said too honest.

That every month disease
Main reason I hate being girl is getting my every month "calling" or in honest words, I hate period time. I had such a bad,bad day whenever come to this. I feel like wanna ripe out my stomach and throw it away but I must through all this no matter how hard I complaining about it. Unless I'm getting pregnant for 9 month, so I'm free from this but I'm face another challenge, carrying my big stomach. Being girls is about being challenged and never free from it. But, that make us stronger right? When come to this time, I always feel wanna eat everything, when I said everything.. even the bad biscuit I won't eat before become so delicious to me this time and I get mad easily! I usually get mad at my stuffs since I don't have anyone to get mad to..haha. Whenever I can't find my stuff, I will throw everything and mumbling and rumbling over anything. If there people with me, they will thought I'm crazy! Mad over stuff is the sign of being crazy..haha
So, guys! appreciate who you are and don't ever wished being girls because we have boobs! That's boobs was painful and heavy you know!

After 25 years and unmarried girls story
Second is after you passed 25 years old and unmarried, people surround you getting worried and sometime super worried about you not getting married. I really hate this! Why do people bother about getting married by 25 years? Have God said that, girl need to get married by 25 years old? Oh ya! that's the good age to get married, why I don't get that information? or am I pretending to not know about this.'s about getting baby. People always said " you'll hardly get baby when you get marry very late", oh really? wow! Okay, if I don't get married I will look lonely and pathetic? or I will getting older and nobody want me anymore? Kenyah people say "urung maang"..nah! I don't care about being "urung maang" as long as I don't burden anyone. For now, I rather being alone than get in the trouble marriage, pretending to be happy everyday but always..euww! that will be very uncool part of my life. Oh! You said "true love"marriage is not like that, they life happily ever after, oh really? I don't believe any of the your "fairytale", let's get it real! I'm very hard person,selfish, or whatever bad, is me! So, I don't feel like I wanna messed up with people life. For now, I am happy being on my own and keep dreaming of my prince charming come to me( most of the time now I never wished for this because I believe that, nobody come to you unless you give the signal, I read one book about this, so girls if you wished to get married, go out, and make eye contact with the boys if you want. In my personal opinion for this moment, I don't have desire to get married and having a kids is really out of my thought. My family( my parent to be more specific is more important, nothing else matter this time) and my own achievement/dreams in life is most important. I think nobody will understand what I want and what am I going to do with all those dreams. But, honest speaking, of course, I can't resist good man in this world!hahaha. One day, when the day is come, I will be get married in the way I want and what my parther want. I just wait for the right time, even though I'm getting older, I don't care!  For unmarried girls out there, you feel worried right? Me too sometime, so you not alone. I do feel worry now because the property price is keep increasing, I admit I can't buy it myself now because I still have such a bad lifestyle. If I change my lifestyle, I can do it by myself. You go girls!
Fuh! such a long long mumbling!hahhaa..for girls that will get marry this year, happy married girls!

Move on 
I hate when come to this part.
I admit that, I am very slow when come to move on from such a bad things in my life. I want to erase the scar there and if I can buy something that can erase it totally, I will buy it and I never see the scar never again in my life.

Pretty stuff, pretty price
I just hate myself whenever see sales 50%,70%, I hate myself in that situation!
I need to change ( I don't know how many times I said this to myself already! God please change me ( prayed with half eyes opened..haha)

That kind hearted girl
I love being this kind girls and there never wrong being one for the whole of your life.But, I learned that being too kind hearted girl is not good for your heart girl. You keep doing everything for everyone and they love you because you are kind hearted girl and they used to think you are like this forever but actually, you already feel very unkind hearted girl..the evil heart already there.buahahaa. Don't be too kind hearted to everyone, select people that deserve your kind heart. This is my personal opinion, not what God ask you do so. God said " Be good to everyone, God will giving back to you". Choose wisely..(evil laugh)

Okay, enough about the rumbling and mumbling from after 25 years old girls..haha
I'm 26 years old this year..nearly 27 years old..haha

Thanks for read!
See ya!


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