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Keriitleto collection: Geometry accessories

Hi there!
Its Saturday and supposedly I should be happy because its weekend..my favorite day of the week. but, there one thing that never I expect to happen this year, my loyal laptop finally say goodbye to me,such a cery bad news for me. now, I need to keep blogging using my phone.
Okay, I try to forget about that and think positive, everything is temporariry so let forget about this and move on. I think start this year, I started to have big interest on accessories especially necklaces and rings. i just love them to spice up my outfits. Early this year, I started buy it one by one and when i went abroad I also search for it. Now, withou no time my collection growing and they can make me feel happy whencer I wore them. they like a good spirit to me. When I can afford gold in future, i definitily buying the same design and wear it passionately.

My favorite piece :)


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