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Outfit Diary : Basic always work!


Happy Wednesday!
It's already the middle of the week..yay! I can't wait for this weekend. I will let you know why after I talk about outfits as per usual. Today, I wore basic outfits. Lately, I always prefer minimal or basic outfits. I think it suit me very well. I wanted to feel comfortable and look effortless chic in everything I wear. Beside, basic is always work! You can wear it for  formal by add some jacket on it or casual look by pairing it with your favorite jeans. Whenever you wear basic outfit, avoid to look so dull and boring. How? For me, I love to add statement necklace and wore bright color on my accessories especially shoes or handbag. You can add something that you love, maybe bright lips color?
What do you think of this look?

Okay, here is the reason why I'm so excited about this weekend.
I will be home for my parent's birthday celebration. Honestly, this is my first time in my life to celebrate my parent's birthday, luckily, they both born on March so I just can going back one time  but still , I'm such a bad daughter right? Actually, it's very rare for us to celebrate each other birthday. Since, I'm small, I think I never have a birthday celebration, my mum just cook something special and I really love that! We can't afford  to do that before and everyone is busy to make living and now, I think I don't care about make living anymore, God is my source and He will provide everything for me and my family but this not make me become lazy, I need to work hard too, not just wait. My sister and me, want this become as one of our tradition start this year, its not too late to start something good right?. So, every March from now on, I will be home. Sound so good right? 

My favorite photo of the day!

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