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Outfit Diary : Blue on blue

03 March 2015

Hi there!
Once again, my favorite color strike on my blog again. Sometime I laughing at myself because I wearing too much blue color, seem like I’m too comfortable with blue nowadays.But, who care right?
For me, there no other color that really can make me feel the way I feel when wearing blue..haha but maybe black can challenge blue. 
For today outfits, I went very casual,my usual outfits for my work actually. This one thing I love about my job. I can wear whatever I want, that's make me feel good.
 How about you? Do you like the way you dressing every day when you go to working? 
Or you can’t wait for weekend to show who you really are?haha.. I used to be like that. But, now I won't wait for weekend, I can dress well everyday.

Pairing the all blue outfits with my black sandals. I really love it now..haha

I miss your smile and the way you laughing.
No one can make me feel so good when see you laugh and smile at me.
Smile and laughing more,Aya! Life is too short to be sad and worry about everything. What mean to be happen in my life, it will happen no matter what.

You are my first and last love,Aya!

Whatever my dreams, I will try my best to make it come true. I won't give up on any of my dreams. I will live the way I want even though it maybe different than others, I will continue it. As long as I happy and feel good!

Thanks for visiting and read my blog.
Have a nice day!

p/s : My photography skill really bad now.. :(

God bless,

Outfits details :
Shirt : Forever21
Skirt : KWC
Necklace : Lovisa
Watch : Thailand
Clutch : Forever21
Sandals : Vietnam

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