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Outfit Diary : Denim on denim ( Thought I knew)

04 March 2015

Hi there!
It’s Wednesday, it half way there my friends, you know what I meant..haha
For today outfits, I wore denim on denim. Its very easy yet stylish pairing for me.
Denim style never fail to makes me happy.
Before I start to talk about my outfits today, do you know the denim and jeans is two different thing? I always think this two is same thing and until I make this post, I keep thinking, is it true denim is jeans. So, I do little research, Mr Google told me, it's different. Jeans is everything that I wore on my photos and denim is the name of the fabric that is used to make jeans.hurmm.. interesting fact right? So, my title still correct right?nevermind..hehe

I still remember the first time I wore jeans, I'm addicted because its make me feel so stylish, confident, tough and I can move freely without think that my pants is worn out or not..haha. I think my first jeans is from local clothes store, it cheapest and that the only I can afford that time. During my high school, I think I only wore track suit, khakis pant and slack pant( I don't know the real name of this..ahha) and I like to see one of my friends in jeans so I want it too and yes, it really make me feel good. Nowadays, I wore jeans almost everyday, this make me feel so grateful for any transition in my life.
I try on denim shirt and I currently obsessed with it
. This shirt really versatile and I can’t stop wearing it now..ahha. Wearing denim on denim can be so tricky.For me, I wore it the way I like and if I wear it on weekend, I will pairing it with statement necklace( I currently searching for great statement necklace that I will wear everyday and almost with my outfits without fail) and tied my hair, to make the outfits look stand out. But, since I wore this for my work today, I just let my hair down and make my oily faces shine..ahha.

Enjoy the photos.

My lovely house slipper..ehehe. It's red and cute..hehe

I arrived at home, I directly grab my camera and start being crazy..hehe

I like to scare my camera with this post..ahha, I always think that my camera is my friends but I never look like this to my friends, don't worry friends!

What I love about this oversize denim shirt is the details, the thickness and color is so vintage!

A for Aya always!

Love love

Finally, I reveal my secret here..This is my long due dreams.. 
I finally get it and I'm happy about it.
I always believe " No one can really makes me happy except myself", 
How to be happy?
Choose to be happy and don't depend on people to be happy.


Sometimes I feel like I can't run, I can't crawl, and sometimes I feel like I ain't nothing at all
This life is a journey where you stumble and fall
But its okay.

Just trying to be cute..
but, I'm cute right camera??hahahhaa
I love everything that I had now, I feel satisfied and thankful for everything. I will always remember this for entire of my life" Blessed to be blessing". 
This past three years, I did almost everything for myself and now, its time for people that I love the most in my life,my family :)

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
Hope you'll have great Thursday!

Outfits Details :

Denim jacket : Thailand
Jeans : Giordano
White sleeveless shirt : Thailand
Rings : Forever21, Proud_Ideaz(Thailand)
Necklaces : Forever21, Lovisa

Thanks and God bless you,


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