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Outfit Diary : First pink

Hello Saturday!
Oh my! Oh my! The worst Saturday ever this year..
I feel sick ( cramped ). This what I hate about being girl. Every month is struggling! I just hate it.
I think I always mumbling about this stuff. 
Okay, just forgot about that.. It's time for outfits diary.
What the biggest thing to reveal? Yeah..its my super stomach..hahaha, I forgot to suck in and I'm too lazy too exercise. I'm not pregnant, I forgot to suck in my biggest stomach..ahaha
And, finally, there's other color on my blog! Uh yeah!
Actually, I'm fan of pink but I'm not really sure why I rarely wore pink on my blog.haha
such a funny fact right?
I wore this outfits yesterday for works. Its great for works right? 

I'm not pregnant, I forget to suck in!haha

Thanks for visit and read my blog!

Outfits Details ::
Shirt and Skirt : SEED
Necklace : Thailand
Bag as clutch : Thailand
Earrings : Lovisa
Lipstick : Silky Girl Lip Balm

God bless you,

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