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Outfit Diary : How to wear black maxi dress?

21 March 2015

Happy Saturday everyone!
I have a great Saturday because I do what I really love and I'm quite satisfy the result. Since I feel brave to do my outfit shoot outside, my weekend plan always full. On Friday night, I started to think of what the featured item this week? and,this time, the location is Taman Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya, I love love Putrajaya park. This is my second time here after my discovery day. I really love this place/park because its full of green and the air feel so refreshing even during mid day, I just don't care.  
The featured items this week is black maxi dress.
For me, black maxi skirt such a classic items on my closet. Whenever I feel I don't have any easy dress to wear or I don't have any dress for dinner, I always think of my black maxi dress. You can versatile the look by adding belt, wear shirt on it or wear the jacket or add your statement necklaces on it. This items will never make you boring and not look the same anymore. As last week, I do three pairing of grey shirt, and this week, I also do three pairing of this black maxi dress. The first one, I wearing the "alone"  shirt on it.

I add my red mini handbag to give splash color on my outfit today.

Actually this shirt is quite long, so I put the thin belt on it and just roll the shirt up until it look okay.  I don't know how to explain this..haha

For more dramatic look, I wore my cat eye shaped sunglasses..uh yeah!

During my outfit shoot, there time the day become very hot so I have an idea to do this shot..hehe

Lastly, my grumpy and fed up face whenever the camera is out of focus. But, I will never give up on you camera, I will make it focus on me!!hahaa

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
Don't forget to visit my blog again for next how to wear black maxi dress, the second look.

Estelle Paya

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