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Outfit Diary : Minimal outfits

22 March 2015

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you have a nicest Sunday.
Today, Kuala Lumpur (KL) weather is quite bad, gloomy  and rainy day but nice weather for me because finally I can wear my long cardigan..haha. I can't just simply wear it in this humid and hot weather.People will start to look at me weirdly and I know what they thinking "what the hell she thinking, wearing the long cardigan in this hot weather?, she must be mad!". I think too much about that, right? You can wear whatever you want but sometime you need to think of your comfortableness, think smart whenever want to be fashionable in this humid country. Don't scarified  your comfortableness just to be fashionable. No compromise whenever come to comfortableness.
Today I went for minimal outfits and I currently love love this look. I think I need to start to love this kind of look more from now. You know, there will be big challenge next month, so need to look stylish in minimal way. Motto from now ::
" Buy less, choose well"

I'm talking to my friend when this photo is friend not used to my craziness..hahaha

I add my favorite statement necklace to inject some stylish look on my outfits. You can see all my outfit for this month with this necklace..haha, I can't stop wearing it. It can go with every outfit that I owned.

Whenever I went to Pavilion area, I always take photo here..haha

I'm trying hard to pose like style blogger here ( Don't bother my dirty shoes..hahaha, I wear it a lot so that why!)

This bag is one of my go to bag. Love it always!

The craziness over there...

Lastly, basic outfit always the best and it can make you look effortless stylish and look comfortable too. I think this pairing is great for your outing day with your friends, quick lunch or just for fun activity with anyone in your life.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!

Estelle Paya

Outfits Details ::
White t-shirt : Uniqlo
Long cardigan : Cotton On
Black pant : Giordano Malaysia
Slip On shoes : Leisure Mall
Bag : Thailand
Necklace : Forever21

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