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Outfit Diary : Roll it Bae!

21 March 2015

The last pairing of my black maxi dress. You must feel tired see me with the same shirt..haha.Sorry ladies! This is the art of do outfit shoot outside. I'm sorry, I can't just simply take off my shirt in this kind of places. No matter how, I won't take it off even for the shake of my photos. It may the same shirt but different styling ya! This time, I just roll my shirt to the right to make it look stylish in my eyes..haha. You can roll in to front, depends on you. This pairing is great for go to beach or whenever you feel lazy but you need to find something to eat. Just roll it Bae and go out!

I'm trying so hard to my cool face..ahha but too hot for that face.

Actually, there is some fail pairing. All the photos was blur, super blur! Only these look quite good but the full one its really bad! For now, just take look of this pairing, blue denim and white denim.

Last but not least, here is the updated news of my hair..hahaha. Its getting longerrrr...yay!

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Estelle Paya


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