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Outfit Diary: The shades of grey ( Denim and grey)

15 March 2015

Hola again ladies!
Here is the second outfits for the shades of grey series today.
Its denim and grey combo!
As you already know, I love and love denim for this moment. This piece is so stylish,comfortable and of course,versatile.Whenever I feel like nothing to wear( there the day like this..always), I will grab my denim shirt and make it as jacket or wear it alone. Here, I paired it with my grey shirt.
This outfit great for window shopping(we loves this girls), brunch or lunch with your friends during weekend or just wear it whenever you feel like. 
Enjoy this pairing.

My hand is gone!!hahhaaa

Thanks for read and visit my blog!
Hope you like the series of my outfit today.
Next is the last one.

Thanks and God bless you,

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