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Outfit Diary : The shades of grey ( Double grey)

15 March 2015

Hi again. I need to say hi no matter what because its new post..haha
Basically, its the same as the first one but I add the buttoned printed blouse to make it look a little bit different than the first one. I always love the shirt that I can wear in many way and its look different everytime, or it maybe not too different but I love playing with my outfits. Its make me feel happy. I love being surrounded by pretty and versatile clothes. I feel like there no other place that can make me happy than this.Okay, forgot about my rumbling over clothes, I will never stop.haha
This outfit is great for outing day with your friends in the park, enjoying the scene and its great for your travel too. Its feel so hot nowadays so I prefer wear something light but usually when its light, it always too revealing.I don't care about that but people's eyes care about that. So, when in that situation, just wear your buttoned printed blouse to make people stop staring at you.

Oh yes.. I gaining my weight a lot,its keep increasing now so don't bother about my round face, big thigh and forgot to suck in stomach. Just focus on the outfits and don't forgot to make your outfits interesting.
I always trying to reminding myself, being skinny by starving myself is not pretty. If you want to be skinny, choice the right way for you. Simplest way is give up on junk food, forgot all the food that had too much sugar and salt, drink water and exercise. Its so easy but its not that easy in real life. 
For girls out there, you are beautiful the way you are.
If you want to change, change to better way. You can be transformed and never give up.
( All words above is reminder to myself too :) )

Thanks for read and visit my blog,

God bless you,

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