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Outfit Diary: Vintage floral maxi dress

08 March 2015

 Happy Sunday everyone!
As usual, I hope you guy have a lovely Sunday. Feel so hot in Malaysia right now so drink a lot of plain water to stay hyradated, okay?
For today outfits, I'm soo excited to talk about it. I always feel excited about whatever I wear actually..haha. I bought this dress at Vintage shop in Metro Point Kajang. There one vintage shop that I always visit whenever I go to Metro Point Kajang.The price is really cheap for sure, the style is soo vintage, which i love much! I love go to vintage shop searching for 'gems', I can spend my whole day in the shop..haha.For me, this kind of shop is mini heaven because I can search for unique items that will never same with others and the price is super cheap too,who doesn't like cheap and beautiful thing right?.The first time I saw this dress, I knew that she is for me..I need to buy it! So,here we're.. 
i love this so much and I pairing it with my statement necklace which I love love too.I love everything that I bought with my own money and what people gave me. Without further due, let enjoy the photos.
I think the photos look quite blurr right?
I blogging from my phone for this moment due to my laptop already dead.. 

Outfits details::
Maxi dress: Vintage Shop,Kajang
Shoes: Vincci
Statement necklace: Forever21
Mini handbag: Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
Special thanks to my best friend,Elyss for capture my outfits today. Love ya!

God bless you,

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