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Outfit Diary : Shade of white | Hello March!

01 March 2015

Hi there!
Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you have good time.
"Hello March 2015!".
The times flies so fast,right? I can't even believe we already in March now. But, need to believe it no matter what.Last month was great for me as I finally make one of my longest dream come true. I still can't believe this happening now..haha. But, its a secret dreams of mine, one day and on the right day, I will share it with you guys. For now, let just ignore this..hehe.Lets talk about my outfits now, I can't wait to give a long description on it. Today, I wore one piece white dress. I bought this dress long ago but not manage to wear it until today as my blog full of white and blue, I feel like want to try other color but who care if I overload my blog with blue and white, right? 

People always said " Love what you do and what you wear", so here I am with another pairing of blue and white. But, this time I pairing it with my mini handbag in royal blue color which make my outfits look lively without make me look like like bridesmaid.
Whenever I wore all white outfits especially dress, one thing that I really try to avoid is not look like bridesmaid(I love being bridesmaid but I need the bride..hehe). 
What do you think of this look?

What I really love of my outfit shoot is I can make fun of it and I really feel happy by doing that. For this moment, this is one of the thing can make me happy, truly happy..

 Whenever wore plain color like white, always add something that make the color pop! If can, better pairing with full of print like floral bag or leopard pattern shoes. I don't have those, so I stick with blue flat and blue mini handbag. But, most important is use your creativity and fashion sense, I know you can do it.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
If you have any comment or opinion of this look, please share with me :)
See you on next post.

Thanks and God bless you!


                                                                          Estelle Paya

Outfits Details ::
Dress :: Kitcshen
Handbag : HCM, Vietnam
Belt : Kitcshen ( come with white midi skirt)
Rings : H&M Malaysia
Necklace : Lovisa Malaysia (
Sunglasses : Cotton On
Watch : Terminal 21, Bangkok
Flat shoes : Bata Malaysia

Photographer : Suzanne Lerim

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