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Random Post : Keep dreaming Aya,you'll get there

20 March 2015

Hi there!
Today, I feel so stressed out and its make me headache. I got called from my mum and she asked me something that I couldn't share here, its family matter. That matter really make me feel devastated, disappointed, sad, angry and now, I don't know what I feel. 
I'm so sad whenever things come like this. I'm trying too hard to make my dreams come true but some people won't understand it and see it as useless thing to do. 

::Promise to myself::

I will never live the same life again. I can transformed to better life. I do love live in rural area but I more love to living in urban area. 

I will make my mum and dad retired from what she doing now, I am tired to see her struggling with this life. 

I will never let anyone or anybody destroy and stop my dreams. 

I will keep working in my dreams until I make it!

I will live the life that I always wanted!

"Keep dreaming girl, you'll get there!"

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