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Keriitleto WP : Boutonnière for Wendy's wedding

19 March 2015

Hello there!
Happy Wednesday to you and me :)
Hope you have a nice day so far.
Today, I'm so excited to share about my latest DIY  boutonnière for my friend's wedding. 
As per usual, I tried to insert my own element on each boutonnière that I makes. Last time, I add origami with the flowers and this time, I add another pattern of origami.
I think I should share a little bit story of boutonnière. Of course, you can google it but still I wanted to share it.hehe. 
boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. Boutonnière is the French word for buttonhole.Usually reserved for special occasions for which formal wear is standard, such as at promshomecomingsfunerals, and weddings.
Here is more photos of my latest DIY.
Enjoy it :)

If you interested on my boutonnière or you want me to make for your wedding or special occasion, you can contact me via email below::

Thanks and God bless you,

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