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Data Kakus,Sarawak : Home is feeling.

Happy Thursday!
Happy Holiday to Malaysian! We will have long weekend..yay!
And, I'm going back to my hometown again..
I'm miss my little boyfriend. skies, food, environment and everything..hehe
But, the main purpose is to celebrate my friend's engagement and there some event at my village.
I hope everything will be alright and go smoothly.
I will share my little adventure to my hometown on next post or you can follow me on Instagram ( @keriitleto)

For now, let's see one of my favorite photo of my village.
Jeng jeng..
Please click on the photos for bigger :)

Hope you like it and enjoy your long or short weekend as much as possible. Do what you love and be happy with life that you live in.

That's all for now.

See you again.

Thanks and love ya!

Outfit Diary : Chase the passion, Chase the dreams

Happy Sunday!
As per usual, I will share my outfit diary every Sunday.
Today, I wore all grey(my favorite color for this moment). I wore this outfits for hang out with my best friend, we are so excited about our agenda next week and I know, she feeling nervous now..haha.
Back to my outfits, I feel so good whenever I wore grey outfits nowadays, I feel chic and minimalist when I wore this color,which feeling I like! I'm aiming to be minimalist and chic in my life. I don't want to own colorful or so many clothes anymore. I love being simple, chic and minimalism in my mind. It's raining day so its time for my long cardigan to get in action,yay! I always wanted to wear it but I need to know where and when to wear it and its perfect for rainy day.

Outfit Diary: Oversize check shirt+black dress | Breathless moment

Hi there!
Good day wishes from me to you.
How's your weekend? I hope you have a great one. If you stay near/with your family, I hope you spend your quality time with your family.Never let the precious time pass just like that!
For my outfit today, I wore my favorite black dress. This is my second time wore this dress for my outfit diary post. Do you remember this post? I told you, the black dress is good investment on your wardrobe, you should own at least one. Today, I layer it with my oversize check shirt.Layering two outfits in Malaysia weather quite challenging. The weather is sometime unpredictable. In the morning, it brightest day ever and around 4pm, it become so windy and suddenly raining. Since I don't have power to control this, the best way to combat it is let's just wear what I want and make sure you feel comfortable.

Keriitleto Tips : How to choose a good contact lenses?

Hi everyone!
Today, let's talk about contact lenses.
I been wearing contact lenses since I knew it exist in this world, that during my university time. I like contact lenses because no more hurt on my nose bridge and at the back of my ear whenever I wore my glasses and the contact lenses can make me feel beautiful and feel free to move my head..haha.
But, to choose the good one is really hard because on the market there plenty of choice. You can go for any color and any type of contact lenses.
So, here I will share my tips how to choose a good contact lenses for your based on your style and appearance. This is based on own experience so I hope it can help you guys.

Outfit Diary : Classic combo | Girl with so many wish

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you have greatest day today :)
Do you see any different on me for today outfit shoot?
Yes, I colored my hair after a very long time. The last time I colored my hair is on December 2011.Its 4 years ago..haha. I'm not sure whether this color suit me well or not,but I like it. Its my usual color actually, light brown but not really brown right? But, whatever it is, I love it and hope it look good on me. What do you guys think?
For today, I wearing my favorite combo which is white and black. This is my classic combo.

[photography] Data Kakus,Sarawak : Learn to Love

Hi there!
This post was inspired from my nephew, our newest nephew that God sent to us.
Oh God! I love him so much now. Everyday I missed him, I just can't wait to going back home and play with him again. My other nephews, don't get jealous ya! You guys always be in my heart and I love you guys more than I love myself. My nephews really teach me about love..


[photography] Data Kakus,Sarawak

Hi there!
I think I still can't get over this beautiful view from my village, rural area at Sarawak. My body already adjusted here (Bangi) but my eyes won't! I got eyes infection. While I write this post, I wearing my spec to protect my eyes ( hopefully it can be protected now). I still  feel homesick but what to do, need to move on and get life here. 
For now, let's enjoy the photos that taken by me and my little brother!
What do you think?

Data Kakus,Sarawak :The taste of Kenyah foods

Hi there!
I'm very excited when I write this post. Why?
It's all about food and its my favorite thing in this life. Who doesn't like food right?
During my vacation last week, I try my best to capture every food that I ate but sometime, I just can't wait to eat the food so no photos. No one stop me when come to food. Here is some of my favorite Kenyah foods all the time, no matter how many food I ever taste in my life but this always my favorite and my craving whenever I missed home.
Let's get mouth watering now..haha
As previous post, this post also in dual language ( Kenyah and English).

Data Kakus,Sarawak : My heart belong here

Hi everyone!
How are you guys? Hope you very well.
Today, I want to share my vacation photos last week. Going back home this time was really make me feel good. I had a chance to go to our palm oil farm to helping my mother, sister and brother. It's super tiring job but that's make me know how it feel to do that hard work. Of course, I take a moment to capture my moment here for memories. My wish and pray every day that, my next generation will not do hard job anymore for living.
Since this is leto Kenyah blog, so I will write my post in dual language ( English & Kenyah).
Read the Kenyah language version by click on Continue Reading.

Data Kakus,Sarawak: I'm home sweethearts!

Hi there!
I'm about to share my wonderful vacation photos at my village. Please bear with my overload photos. 
Last week, I was on my short vacation to my village at Malaysia Borneo countryside ( Data Kakus). Its a great vacation, I spent quality time with my family, we chatting, eating and keeping up with each other life and celebrated my parent's birthday, went for a "picnic", I had a very good times last week. I can't wait to going back again.
Since, I'm still feel homesick, I love seeing all photos taken during my short vacation.
Hope you enjoy the photos.

Hello April!

Hi there!
It's already! The time flies so fast. 
If you may noticed, I was missing from my blog lately, I missed two Sunday for my outfit diary post, I'm sorry! But, don't worry! I will overload you with my vacation photos. I hope you will like it. From now, let say "Hello April!" ( even though its already 6th April, its not too late, right?)
New month, New beginning.
What do you think of this? Do you agree or disagree?