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Hello April!

05 April 2015

Hi there!
It's already! The time flies so fast. 
If you may noticed, I was missing from my blog lately, I missed two Sunday for my outfit diary post, I'm sorry! But, don't worry! I will overload you with my vacation photos. I hope you will like it. From now, let say "Hello April!" ( even though its already 6th April, its not too late, right?)
New month, New beginning.
What do you think of this? Do you agree or disagree?

For me, there no rule in this world said that the new beginning only start on January. Every month is new beginning. Every beginning of month,you have chance to re-new whatever you feel you need to re-new, improve on something that you not satisfy in your life. Never stop improve and learn in this life.
This month, I like to start new beginning of my life,
Here is my wishlist this month ::

i. Vegetarian for a month
ii. Learn and improve my blog post and photos ( know better who is my audience)
iii. Create and make it many #weddingDIY and #fashionDIY project this month
iv. minimalist in everything in my life, start from clothes and what I eat.
v. Be thankful and faithful in every single day of my life

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
Hope you'll have great April and Happy Easter Day!

Estelle Paya of Keriitleto

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