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Data Kakus,Sarawak : Home is feeling.

Happy Thursday!
Happy Holiday to Malaysian! We will have long weekend..yay!
And, I'm going back to my hometown again..
I'm miss my little boyfriend. skies, food, environment and everything..hehe
But, the main purpose is to celebrate my friend's engagement and there some event at my village.
I hope everything will be alright and go smoothly.
I will share my little adventure to my hometown on next post or you can follow me on Instagram ( @keriitleto)

For now, let's see one of my favorite photo of my village.
Jeng jeng..
Please click on the photos for bigger :)

Hope you like it and enjoy your long or short weekend as much as possible. Do what you love and be happy with life that you live in.

That's all for now.

See you again.

Thanks and love ya!
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