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Keriitleto Tips : How to choose a good contact lenses?

17 April 2015

Hi everyone!
Today, let's talk about contact lenses.
I been wearing contact lenses since I knew it exist in this world, that during my university time. I like contact lenses because no more hurt on my nose bridge and at the back of my ear whenever I wore my glasses and the contact lenses can make me feel beautiful and feel free to move my head..haha.
But, to choose the good one is really hard because on the market there plenty of choice. You can go for any color and any type of contact lenses.
So, here I will share my tips how to choose a good contact lenses for your based on your style and appearance. This is based on own experience so I hope it can help you guys.
First, if you go for colorless lenses, then its easy. No need to think what you gonna choose. You can buy which brand that you ever try before or if you first timer, I suggest you consult with the eyes consultant first before buy.
NOTE: Never buy the contact lenses at "Pasar Malam" or night market because you never know whether that contact lenses good or not for you, don't take risk on this girls.

Second, if you go for the color lenses. There 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you go buy.
i. Where you gonna wear it? 
- For work?
- For fun?
You must choose color that suit with your work environment. For me, I love grey and brown because it suit my workplace and of course, I can wear it for my fun time too.
Avoid the dramatic color for your work place.

ii. What your current hair color?
- The lenses color suit your current style?
For black hair color, basically we can choose any color but what if you change your hair color to other color? You must make sure it correct and suit your hair color.

iii. How much the price and how long you can wear it?
- From my experience, some of the lenses last for 1 month but the price is overpriced. I think that not very smart buyer. Find something that reasonable price and long duration.

::Contact lenses review ::
Here is my review of contact lenses that I wearing before.
Here is the latest I'm wearing.

Air Optix Colors from Freshlook- Hazel

My opinion:
- Great color
- Comfortable even after 16h wearing it
- Last longer 16 hr/day
- Before 1 month, my eyes always itch whenever wearing it for more than 8 hours.
Price: RM95/month(Before 1 April 2015)
Final review : I will not buy this again because expensive and not really suit my current hair color.
and, here is my photo wearing it.

The second contact lenses is :
Freshlook Colorblends-Brown

My opinion:
This is the greatest contact lenses ever I tried. But, its always sold out at my local eyes shop.
What I love about this contact lenses is :
- Blend so well with my hair color and my style
- comfortable even though just last longer for 8h only
- 1 month = RM45 per box (quite affordable)
Final review : I will go buy this for my next contact lenses and never change to other again.
Here is my photo wearing this contact lenses.

Here is me without contact lenses and thick eyeliner.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
Hope I can help with your next contact lenses. If my explanation or guide not really good, I'm sorry!
You can contact me via email or social media.


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