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Data Kakus,Sarawak: I'm home sweethearts!


Hi there!
I'm about to share my wonderful vacation photos at my village. Please bear with my overload photos. 
Last week, I was on my short vacation to my village at Malaysia Borneo countryside ( Data Kakus). Its a great vacation, I spent quality time with my family, we chatting, eating and keeping up with each other life and celebrated my parent's birthday, went for a "picnic", I had a very good times last week. I can't wait to going back again.
Since, I'm still feel homesick, I love seeing all photos taken during my short vacation.
Hope you enjoy the photos.
When I touch down Bintulu, I always look up to the skies and take photos.Personally, I love Bintulu skies. It sooo blue and combo with green along the way. What a wonderful view.
Here is the skies along the way home/my village.
What do you think?

This is road on my way back to my village. 

See, the skies very pretty and I love it! I can't stop captured the skies.

Most of people here got this type of car

Palm oil tree is everywhere!

This is Simpang Bakun. The straight will go to Miri and to the right will go to Bakun. For us, we use the right one.
That day, when we arrived here, I suddenly feel need to pee. So, I asked the seller here whether they got toilet or not? And, I'm quite surprise what I see but I expect it will be like this.
Below is the toilet. I feel so bad when I need to pee here, in this kind of toilet. Why can't government or whoever it is give a little attention to this kind of place?This place like RnR here you know. 
Since its  too emergency, I have no choice.. 

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
More vacation photos come soon, I currently editing it so take some time but I will make sure it will be up within this week.

Have a wonderful day!

Estelle Paya of Keriitleto

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