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Data Kakus,Sarawak : My heart belong here

07 April 2015

Hi everyone!
How are you guys? Hope you very well.
Today, I want to share my vacation photos last week. Going back home this time was really make me feel good. I had a chance to go to our palm oil farm to helping my mother, sister and brother. It's super tiring job but that's make me know how it feel to do that hard work. Of course, I take a moment to capture my moment here for memories. My wish and pray every day that, my next generation will not do hard job anymore for living.
Since this is leto Kenyah blog, so I will write my post in dual language ( English & Kenyah).
Read the Kenyah language version by click on Continue Reading.

U denga ikem ka? Arap ikem tega ngan magat lote.
Tuwi, ake' kelu ka share gaban ek dalau ek tai ulik ka oma' minggu je lapa de. Ulik ka oma' liwai ji atek tega alek. Ake' tai ba' sawit ngan We' mek, seken ngan sadin ek. Nyara lote teka osa tapi nta u, asal tisen teka ne kumin baat oban gayeng je' We' me redo ti. Lepa ba' sawit, ake' sempat pe ala' gaban. Ake' nta oba' su ngan anak ek bekedai te ti gayeng baat meki la a, nta lote koma kerja ji nta tega, tapi nyara alek teka kerja ji.

Pokat yang tai nyawit. Ake' ba jane, engen mana le Kenyah badeng keja.

Full outfit today :)

Sit on "sawit" is really risk my life..haha

It's time for posing in the middle of the road. I love empty road...ahha

Craziness over here..Trying my best do any pose..

And, now I present my proud moment of my kampung view, mainly the road. I love love love the view along the road. One of my favorite is here.

This is not our house but our farm house. We usually stay here whenever we feel like and if we lazy to go back to main home. The star is good looking here.

I never know where other place I can see this kind of view. I just love and love my village skies. I fall in love with it everytime.

Just in love..

Maybe some of you not a fan of skies photos so please excuse me for overload skies photos.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.

Estelle Paya of Keriitleto

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