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[photography] Data Kakus,Sarawak : Learn to Love

10 April 2015

Hi there!
This post was inspired from my nephew, our newest nephew that God sent to us.
Oh God! I love him so much now. Everyday I missed him, I just can't wait to going back home and play with him again. My other nephews, don't get jealous ya! You guys always be in my heart and I love you guys more than I love myself. My nephews really teach me about love..

I admit that, when come to love, I am very selfish one. I will never sacrifice easily for someone that I said I loved but for my nephews, my sibling and my parent, I really can't be selfish. I never tell them " love you" in person to them because for me, action is better than words. They're my truly love and they inspired me to work hard everyday and become better person day by day. I want them to be proud and secure to have someone like me. To nephews, I promise, I will never make you feel sad, cry and bad because of our situation. I will try provide whatever I can.
Please grow up healthy and happy!

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
A bit personal this time.. I feel wanna crying when I writing this post because I feel bad for my family, I can't provide everything they need.I'm sorry everyone!


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