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Outfit Diary : Chase the passion, Chase the dreams

26 April 2015

Happy Sunday!
As per usual, I will share my outfit diary every Sunday.
Today, I wore all grey(my favorite color for this moment). I wore this outfits for hang out with my best friend, we are so excited about our agenda next week and I know, she feeling nervous now..haha.
Back to my outfits, I feel so good whenever I wore grey outfits nowadays, I feel chic and minimalist when I wore this color,which feeling I like! I'm aiming to be minimalist and chic in my life. I don't want to own colorful or so many clothes anymore. I love being simple, chic and minimalism in my mind. It's raining day so its time for my long cardigan to get in action,yay! I always wanted to wear it but I need to know where and when to wear it and its perfect for rainy day.
I wore this shirtdress on my previous post here.

This outfit is very special for me because its kind of statement symbol for me. I'm Christian believer and I'm proud of that :)
Whatever your believe, be proud of that and respect other religion.

I love my hair color now..yay! Finally its become so light brown which I love.

For today outfit shooting, we playing with rain. In Putrajaya today, there some area heavily raining and some area just light raining. That why my outfit shooting today, we have two location. The next location is Jambatan Seri Wawasan, Putrajaya. If you planned to do wedding photo shoot, this location is great!!

I'm happy with my life and myself. I never feel this happy. I love myself more than anything.

I'm so sorry, I didn't shoot many photos for you guys today. I rushing home due to raining heavily here.

It's windy day everything look so messy but I love it!

I always believe " Chase dream, not people". 
I had so many dreams so I will make sure I achieve everything. No time for people, I mean someone special for me this moment. I love myself and I don't need someone to love me.
If you wanted to be loved, love yourself first!

I know, I'm getting old but I don't care! Traditional way, I need someone beside me when I'm older but I'm not sure I will become older..haha.

Whatever your dreams or your passion, go after it and give it try! Be brave and be different. I'm trying my best to make my dreams come true!

Don't wait for tomorrow, do it now.
The best way to know your future is CREATE it!

Style Tips: My perfect go to and work handbag! If you search for perfect handbag, find something natural or basic color.You will carry it anywhere you go, I promise!

I love to laugh at myself ( not in public like this). So far in my life, I experienced so many funny,sad and happy event in my life. I can't fixed all the funny or bad decision I ever made in my life so I just laugh at it, that the very young me. I'm such a clumsy and innocent when come to love and life. I always believe that, when you in love, you'll in love forever and whatever you wanted in this life, you can have it! But, I'm wrong!! There's no forever love and I can't always have whatever I want in my life. Some of thing or people is not meant for me. And, I don't believe in soulmate things.For me, you are the one that decide who you wanted to be in your life.

I talked to much today..hahhaa
I love talked about dreams, life and strong, independent ladies!

Thanks for read and visit my blog!
See you on exciting content next week!!



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