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Outfit Diary: Oversize check shirt+black dress | Breathless moment

20 April 2015

Hi there!
Good day wishes from me to you.
How's your weekend? I hope you have a great one. If you stay near/with your family, I hope you spend your quality time with your family.Never let the precious time pass just like that!
For my outfit today, I wore my favorite black dress. This is my second time wore this dress for my outfit diary post. Do you remember this post? I told you, the black dress is good investment on your wardrobe, you should own at least one. Today, I layer it with my oversize check shirt.Layering two outfits in Malaysia weather quite challenging. The weather is sometime unpredictable. In the morning, it brightest day ever and around 4pm, it become so windy and suddenly raining. Since I don't have power to control this, the best way to combat it is let's just wear what I want and make sure you feel comfortable.

For the outfit shoot location today, I went to PICC area, Putrajaya. This is my favorite location for my outfit diary shoot but I can't come here frequently because my friend's working time always different from mine.But, today is her free day so I dragged  her here.I went here before for one of my outfit shoot, you can check it here.

What I love about this combination is; 
If the weather too hot, I can take off my oversize check shirt and just wear the black dress with the belt on and statement necklace ( I always keep one in my car..ahahah)
 and if the weather become cool, windy or chilly, I can keep it like this.

I forgot to suck in my stomach..aiyaaa

Whenever I went for walking, I always prefer wear my flat shoes or flip flop ( we called it selipar jepun, I'm not sure why!). I love simple outfit with my flip flop. Easy to move around..

Styling Tips : Add the belt on the outfits to make sure my waist look thinner and I always prefer thin belt.

There many breathless moment in my life, some of it make me wanna stop the time because I'm too happy and some of it make me wanna die because I'm too sad and make me hurt badly. But, above all, there lesson learned. God, thanks for all the breathless moment in my life. But, can I have good breathless moment in future?hehe

I currently love this unique clutch that I bought from Cotton On. You should check it out!

Its too windy and bright I can't even open my eyes properly.

My bangs too short now, so no choice for this style.. I'm currently feel annoying with it. I shouldn't ask my hairstylish cut it that day..arghhh~

It's selfie time..ahhaha, but just for posing only..sorry guys!
But, here some of photo of my favorite view here.
I love the building around here. I should explore Putrajaya better from now on.

My "aww" moment when I look at this.

Finally, it's time to say bye for this time.
As usual, thanks for visit and read my blog!
Hope you have week ahead.



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