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Outfit Diary : Classic combo | Girl with so many wish

12 April 2015

Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you have greatest day today :)
Do you see any different on me for today outfit shoot?
Yes, I colored my hair after a very long time. The last time I colored my hair is on December 2011.Its 4 years ago..haha. I'm not sure whether this color suit me well or not,but I like it. Its my usual color actually, light brown but not really brown right? But, whatever it is, I love it and hope it look good on me. What do you guys think?
For today, I wearing my favorite combo which is white and black. This is my classic combo.
And, I added some color which is my flat shoes. Don't it look awesome?
Striking pink really makes my outfits today not really gloomy.

Here is my newest sweetheart. I love love flat shoes lately, I like it more than heels.

After two weeks not do the outfit shoot, I feel like I feel lazy already. I gained weight so fast and I always feel I'm not look good with this body. But, this is my passion and my dream so I need to continue it whatever it is.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.


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