Hi there!
Yesterday was awesome day for me. Finally the day or month that I waiting for is here. It's finally Floria Putrajaya 2015. It's kind annual event so it happened once a year. What I love about this event is every where is flowers, full of people's creativity and hardwork, I feel so inspired whenever I went here. And, of course I have a perfect backdrop for my photo for memory in my life and with my friend that dragged to go with me. I don't want to talk too much, let's enjoy the photos.

[photography] Floria Putrajaya 2015 (Day 1)

31 May 2015

Hola guys!
I'm sorry for late post today. I was busy having fun with my friend,Marina.I had an awesome day today. I feel so happy and inspired but I don't want to talk more about here, I will talk more on next post. For now, let's talk about my Saturday brunch.
I always dreamed to have day like this, go out on bright Saturday and eat my brunch. So, today I finally make it come true, thanks to Marina Unnie for make it come true too.I finally had this kind of day. And, it AWESOME! 
Please excuse my oversharing photo today, I feel like I wanted to share everything with you guys and share the happiness I had in my life today.

Happy Sunday!
I hope you have a great Sunday.
My outfit today quite special because I presenting one of  my ethnic traditional piece on my outfit diary today. I always had a dream to do something that related to my background, not just featured modern items on my outfit but I also featured the traditional items. These pieces is so precious for me and I feel responsible to take care of it and inherit this beautiful items to my next generation. I hope all the Kenyah girls have the same opinion with me. Take care of our traditional pieces and our language too. I know, even though I writing in my broken English here but when we meet each others, I mean Kenyah people, let's speak in Kenyah, if can, try not to mixed it with other's language, it sound not so good. Mixed with so many race in my life, I find it so important to be proud of who we are and what we represent for. I always love being different than others. I always proud that introduce myself as Kenyah Badeng, and if people don't get it, I will say Orang Ulu or Lain-lain ( which quite sad for me to say this but what to do, no choice). 

Hi there!
Hope you have a good day so far.
Today, I trying to keep up with my DIY post every Wednesday as I make promised this earlier year. But, its already Thursday but its okay,right? I know, I'm very slow keep up with it but I try my best. Beside, I've been busy with make living and sometime the idea is not come right way so that way no DIY post every Wednesday.
Today, I've thinking of this DIY after I bought t-shirt with the price tag on it. I love the price tag because it seems unique and it seems waste for me for just throw it. So, I'm thinking to  make it as my bookmarks. 

LifeTips : Handmade bookmarks | Positive words for you

21 May 2015

Hi again!
It's Wednesday and I feel super tired from my last trip..fuhh! I sleep all day and try to regain my energy for another day. Sometime, we need to slow down our day. I've experience to do everything at once and its make me super tired and usually, I need to sleep one day to recover back. I still remember during my study time..haha, whenever there big exams the next couple day, I will start studying like crazy, no sleep at all, straight to go exam hall and answer all the "shit" there..haha.But, this is bad habit. 
Okay, if you follow me on Instagram (@keriitleto), you already see many skies photo I shared. I love skies so much. I love the view and I always look up on the skies whenever I feel so down. I believe that, God see me and we human living in the same skies no matter what your religion, your believe and whenever you are. We are same under this skies.
So, here is my pretty skies photo that taken from my last trip.

Travel Diary : You captured my heart

20 May 2015

Hi guys!
How are you? It's very nice to see you here again.
I'm been MIA(missing in action) again here, on my blog since last week. I need to travel to Vietnam(again) due my main job.If you follow me on Instagram(@keriitleto) than you already know about my whereabouts. 
Every travel have different feeling for me. I still remember the first time I travel to other country, its very exciting and nervous feeling. This is my 6th times to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City to be specific, so I'm not nervous at all but I'm excited because I can visit my old favorite places  again.
Follow my travel diary via my photos.
Hope you'll enjoy it.

Travel Diary: Hello Vietnam,again! | Appreciate every moment

19 May 2015

Hi ladies!
Happy Weekend!
Today, I want to share some tips that I know and always practice whenever I went to buy heels or it can be apply to other type of shoes.
It's frustrating whenever you went shopping and fall in love with one pretty shoes and try it right away and it fit perfectly but when you try to walk on it the next day, oh God! it's not fit just like yesterday and its hurt for sure.
So, here is some of the tips. Hope it can help you on next shoes hunting.

Keriitleto Tips : How to buy heels that fit and not hurt?

14 May 2015

Hi there!
Happy Sunday!
This Sunday is very special for everyone because it's Mother's day!
Have you wish your mummy "Happy Mother's day" already? If not yet, please do so because its only once a year we celebrate this specific Mother's day. But, for us..everyday is Mother's day. For this special day, I wore something special..
Every clothes on my wardrobe is special..but this is extra special.

Outfit Diary : Basic is classic | Happy Mother's Day 2015!

10 May 2015

Happy Mother's day to my dear Mummy or We'.
I love you We'.
This Mother's day, I feel bad as usual. I can't celebrate Mother's day again. This is the consequence when we we lived very far from family. Some of the important day we can't celebrate it.But, its okay.. I already wished my mum "Happy Mother's day " last couple week, so I'm not feel so bad now.
My mum can't read this blog post but I wanna share my Mother's day speech/post.
Whenever I'm thinking of my mum, I honestly feel so blessed to have someone like her to be my mum. She worked so hard for us, her children's future alongside my dad(Amai). She doing whatever she can do to provide everything for her children and family. Even though my mum don't have proper education in her life but, she know the important of education, that why she really work hard for our education. I feel so blessed to have someone like her in my life. She may not perfect but I understood, I'm not perfect too.
As I'm growing old, she getting older..which make me feel sad whenever see her. I wished I can stopped that and she will be like what I used to see but that beyond my control. Everyone will be aging and so do my mum.
What I love about my mum:
To be specific:
i. I love her smile
ii. I love her spirit of hardwork
iii. I love the way she treat me ( I'm mummy super daughter!)
iv. I love whenever she told me, I'm a good baby.
In my life, there moment that makes me feel so down and feel like I can't get up anymore but my mum always keep remind me to keep praying whenever I feel sad, down or whatever, because for us, God is source of everything.
If I need to choose between someone that I loved and my mum, I will always choose my mum, mum always the best choice and happiness with mum is guaranteed.
My mum is my everything...

To all mummy, Happy Mother's day!
Enjoy your motherhood and take care of your family very well.

Love you We',

Happy Mother's day 2015

Hi there!
First, I want to wish " Congratulations!" to my dear friend,Elyss for her engagement day last week. I'm so happy for her because she already move to another stage of her relationship.I'm so proud of her.And, not to forget my dear friend, Loretta Bulan too. She also engaged on the same day as Elyss, I can't choose which one to attend.hahha but since Elyss told me very early so I went to her engagement day. For Elyss engagement day, we make DIY pin wheel for her backdrop.

Keriitleto WP: DIY Engagement backdrop

08 May 2015

Hi there!
Just wanna share some of my great old photos that I can't keep it myself. I think this kind of photo suit for my outfit diary shoot. Can you believe this photo was taken back in 2012, almost 3 years fast the time is gone..
What I'm wearing here is my high low skirt(which is in trend that year) pairing with white t-shirt. Now, I wonder, how come I travel like this, with this outfit, I feel amazed now..skirt and travel around,wow! I seems always be ready for outfit shooting but I don't even know outfit shoot that this year.
Surprised, surprised... I look thinner here..haha
More thin photo below..

Hi there!
It's time for sharing beautiful images from my village, my favorite place.
I love to go to travel abroad, visit other country beautiful places but my village always the happiest place to go. I love the environment, the people, the food and everything. I grew up here so that why I too attached to it. Every corner of this place have my memories. Even though nowadays the landscape start changing day by day but still, its the same for me. I always believe, "Nothing is permanent, everything will gone and change".
But, no matter how it change, I always remember, this is the place I come from. No matter how far I will go in my life or how high I can be in this life or how low I'm in my life, I will always remember, this is the place that will be always my heart belong.

[photography] Data Kakus,Sarawak : Always remember..

06 May 2015

Hi there!
Last weekend was total blast for me..
I'm so happy to be home and spend my time with my family again. I break my own record this year, I went back home twice this year. Usually, I only went back twice ( June and December) but this time, I'm planning to going back home frequent than before. I know, when I want going back home, I need more money for travel and other thing but now, I don't really care about that anymore. Money can be earn, but the time with my family will be never the same every time.I don't want to miss any moment with my family, I try my best to make time and see all my nephews growing up, they growing up so fasssttt and my parent getting older which I wanted to stop but I couldn't, so the only thing I can do now is make time for it when I still can. Every second was precious for me. I love to see their smiles, laughing, the food and all thing that we do together . I love everything about my family, its not perfect but that's all I got! I wanted to fill our home with love, laughter and joy everyday, I can make change and that change must start with myself first.
Okay, stop there first.. its time for my outfit diary last week.

Outfit Diary : Vintage skirt & Data Kakus

03 May 2015

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