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[photography] Data Kakus,Sarawak : Always remember..

06 May 2015

Hi there!
It's time for sharing beautiful images from my village, my favorite place.
I love to go to travel abroad, visit other country beautiful places but my village always the happiest place to go. I love the environment, the people, the food and everything. I grew up here so that why I too attached to it. Every corner of this place have my memories. Even though nowadays the landscape start changing day by day but still, its the same for me. I always believe, "Nothing is permanent, everything will gone and change".
But, no matter how it change, I always remember, this is the place I come from. No matter how far I will go in my life or how high I can be in this life or how low I'm in my life, I will always remember, this is the place that will be always my heart belong.

I wanted to share some piece of advise to Kenyah people especially young generation.
I will write in Kenyah language.
Pala' anak Kenyah, ayen lopau cung engke ekem nai. Ayen matung ngan gaya de nta tega dalem udip ji. Nta lote ake' bada gaya du deca nta tega tapi ekem ne tega-tega naat sik gaya' de ekem tekep ngan tega sik baya'. Ayen salau dalau le pekelet ngan du. Ngan ayen sae bada ilu Kenyah, ca pe du alek-alek dau koma ilu cung negara Kenya pe, nta u, ilu ne neneng eda. Ngan la a, ayen sae pekelet ngan du. Oka mabi ngan salak, ayen sae mutu. Lemoto nawai Amai ngan We' ka oma', ngan tai tai lote sebayang ngan du oka em bein, oka nta bein pedik, tega pe ti kata ekem luk te.

Laki manai eut Oma Mudung 2015

I love to take their photo candidly. I love their expression and style.

My boy, he wanted to follow my brother and me for my outfit shooting, so he didn't even managed to wear his sandal..haha, love you boys!

It's time for great time. My brother introduce me one "new" place to mandi sungai. 
Enjoy the view!

Here is one view of our village.
Beautiful and gorgeous! I plan to do some early shooting here next time. I try woke up early morning to capture the view.

Thanks again for visit and read my blog!
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::Photo captured by ::
My Bro


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