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Outfit Diary : Back then..I'm just a girl lost in loveland

08 May 2015

Hi there!
Just wanna share some of my great old photos that I can't keep it myself. I think this kind of photo suit for my outfit diary shoot. Can you believe this photo was taken back in 2012, almost 3 years fast the time is gone..
What I'm wearing here is my high low skirt(which is in trend that year) pairing with white t-shirt. Now, I wonder, how come I travel like this, with this outfit, I feel amazed now..skirt and travel around,wow! I seems always be ready for outfit shooting but I don't even know outfit shoot that this year.
Surprised, surprised... I look thinner here..haha
More thin photo below..

I'm just awkward when do the posing back then..haha

Feel free..
buahahhaha...what the pose..hahahhaa

I just do my best to posing..haha

Love makes prettiest smile and soul.

My still favorite Starbucks drink, Green Tea latte
I love everything about Green Tea.

My talent..
playing piano..
Just kidding..just posing!

I will keep on pretending to be happy because I believe, eventually, I will be happy.
Nah! don't be like that,girls!
I'm happy with my life..because I learned so much from what I lost in my life.

Heartbreak moment makes me think of myself..more and love my family even more
Sad moments make me appreciate every happy moments..
Happy moments is my strength whenever I feel sad..
Don't depend on other people to make you happy.
You can make yourself happy,
Move on whenever the situation is not good or complicated, don't gamble your life for uncertainty future.
You can choose who you want to be in your life
Most of all,
Trust God and yourself in your life
( I'm so religious and selfish,right? I am!)


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