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Happy Mother's day 2015

10 May 2015

Happy Mother's day to my dear Mummy or We'.
I love you We'.
This Mother's day, I feel bad as usual. I can't celebrate Mother's day again. This is the consequence when we we lived very far from family. Some of the important day we can't celebrate it.But, its okay.. I already wished my mum "Happy Mother's day " last couple week, so I'm not feel so bad now.
My mum can't read this blog post but I wanna share my Mother's day speech/post.
Whenever I'm thinking of my mum, I honestly feel so blessed to have someone like her to be my mum. She worked so hard for us, her children's future alongside my dad(Amai). She doing whatever she can do to provide everything for her children and family. Even though my mum don't have proper education in her life but, she know the important of education, that why she really work hard for our education. I feel so blessed to have someone like her in my life. She may not perfect but I understood, I'm not perfect too.
As I'm growing old, she getting older..which make me feel sad whenever see her. I wished I can stopped that and she will be like what I used to see but that beyond my control. Everyone will be aging and so do my mum.
What I love about my mum:
To be specific:
i. I love her smile
ii. I love her spirit of hardwork
iii. I love the way she treat me ( I'm mummy super daughter!)
iv. I love whenever she told me, I'm a good baby.
In my life, there moment that makes me feel so down and feel like I can't get up anymore but my mum always keep remind me to keep praying whenever I feel sad, down or whatever, because for us, God is source of everything.
If I need to choose between someone that I loved and my mum, I will always choose my mum, mum always the best choice and happiness with mum is guaranteed.
My mum is my everything...

To all mummy, Happy Mother's day!
Enjoy your motherhood and take care of your family very well.

Love you We',

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