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Keriitleto WP: DIY Engagement backdrop

Hi there!
First, I want to wish " Congratulations!" to my dear friend,Elyss for her engagement day last week. I'm so happy for her because she already move to another stage of her relationship.I'm so proud of her.And, not to forget my dear friend, Loretta Bulan too. She also engaged on the same day as Elyss, I can't choose which one to attend.hahha but since Elyss told me very early so I went to her engagement day. For Elyss engagement day, we make DIY pin wheel for her backdrop.

All of this just make from A3 paper. For the smaller size, we make it from A4 paper. Easy and save money! As long as you hardworking, you can save money.

In the middle, I just put this as decoration.You can buy this from cake supplier store.

Okay, time for some memories with the beautiful thing we make. I'm so proud of you friend! Stay beautiful and don't stress of your big day, I will be always here to help you :)

Can you believe that I randomly do my friend's make up?
I just do what I know..but I like simple and natural look because its day event so the make up should be light and simple :)
So, here is some photos and the finish photo as above..hehe

Seems like no big different right?

And, here is one of my talented friend DIY for ring holder.
Beautiful right?

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
If you wanted to see step by step, you can comment below.

Thanks and best regards,

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