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Keriitleto Tips : How to buy heels that fit and not hurt?

14 May 2015

Hi ladies!
Happy Weekend!
Today, I want to share some tips that I know and always practice whenever I went to buy heels or it can be apply to other type of shoes.
It's frustrating whenever you went shopping and fall in love with one pretty shoes and try it right away and it fit perfectly but when you try to walk on it the next day, oh God! it's not fit just like yesterday and its hurt for sure.
So, here is some of the tips. Hope it can help you on next shoes hunting.

Tips 1 : Buy the shoes, after you walked a lot.
Our feet can change the sizes throughout the day and they swell a bit after you walked around for awhile. So, walking around first before buy shoes.

Tips 2 : Always try the shoes before make a purchase.
- From my experiences, my feet sizes is different on some brand or cutting of shoes.Sometime my size was 35 and sometime 36. Every shop that I went, I always try the shoes because in case the shoes not fit me. So,please bear in your mind, try the shoes first.

Tips 3 : Walk around with the shoes before buy
-Don't be shy to ask the promoter to get the new pair of shoes that you like and then, try walk around with it. Don't walk around with the display shoes, there so many feet try on that, so it doesn't feel the same with the brand new shoes.

Tips 4 : Materials matter.
- For my shoes, I always prefer kind of leather material. It feel soft and comfortable on my ankle and feet. Make sure your shoes that made of plastic or nylon. Because it make your feet uncomfortable after few wears and it not long lasting for sure.

Tips 5 : The height of the heels.
- Before everything, ask yourself " Where will I wear this shoes?
If you looking for formal shoes, I suggest not to high (for example 5" above) because it may look unprofessional (this my personal opinion, no offend!), maybe you can go for 2" (this the highest you can go).
Most important, which height is comfortable for you.

Tips 6 : Don't spend on trendy shoes
It going to be out of style in two month, so go for classic and basic shoes so you can worn it with anything and will last forever.A pair of black heels never goes out of style, it will be always "in fashion".

Presenting the latest shoes that I buy according to tips above.
I want buy in the nude color but it not available so black also can la.. :)

Now that you've read my tips for  how to buy heels that fit and not hurt. Do you have any tips of your own to add? I want to know your tips, so leave your comment below.

Shoes from Carlo Rino


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