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Outfit Diary : Because I'm a Kenyah Badeng girls | Mixed of modern and traditional

Happy Sunday!
I hope you have a great Sunday.
My outfit today quite special because I presenting one of  my ethnic traditional piece on my outfit diary today. I always had a dream to do something that related to my background, not just featured modern items on my outfit but I also featured the traditional items. These pieces is so precious for me and I feel responsible to take care of it and inherit this beautiful items to my next generation. I hope all the Kenyah girls have the same opinion with me. Take care of our traditional pieces and our language too. I know, even though I writing in my broken English here but when we meet each others, I mean Kenyah people, let's speak in Kenyah, if can, try not to mixed it with other's language, it sound not so good. Mixed with so many race in my life, I find it so important to be proud of who we are and what we represent for. I always love being different than others. I always proud that introduce myself as Kenyah Badeng, and if people don't get it, I will say Orang Ulu or Lain-lain ( which quite sad for me to say this but what to do, no choice). 
The traditional piece featured this time is Belanyat, pronounced as Be-lan-yat.
There so many Kenyah traditional items that I adore. Previously, I've shoot my outfit with our traditional necklaces, you can see it here. This belanyat is kind of bucket bag or small backpack for us,Kenyah badeng. There many size of Belanyat but I like this mini belanyat. In my opinion, this belanyat really reflecting people hardwork and the heritage feeling on it. I hope I can learned to do make it but I'm someone that not really have talent on this but my sisters have talent on this. I borrowed this from her.

No matter where you go, always remember where you come from

Honestly, I feel my outfit today look to crowded and messy, right?
My hair, my statement necklace and my "belanyat" in one place, I admit it as fashion/style disaster but I'm okay with it, so should be fine,right?

I have story about my hair today. It look curly right? And, don't be surprised, this is DIY curl. I make the braided hair yesterday and I slept. When I wake up in the morning..tadaaa! I got curly hair.

Dare to dream big and work hard toward it.
A dream without a plan is just a dream.

I don't know how many times already I said this, I gained weight again! It seems no stop gaining weight! I'm comfortable but I need to lived in this reality world. I need to back in shape.

Another secret to revealed,this shirt dress  was too short for me, so I do some DIY on it. I add the lace to make it longer. Next time, when your favorite dress to short, try to add something that look acceptable on it. 

My promise as Keriitleto, I will take care of you, traditional pieces. You are my treasure and forever I will be proud to represent as Kenyah girls or Keriitleto.

Finally, thank you for visit and read my blog! I'm so sorry for my broken English..haha
I hope you'll have a lovely days ahead and never give up in anything you working on. If you feel hopeless, don't be! There will be a new day for you and be strong!

Keriitleto Aya

Outfit Details :
Shirt dress > Padini
Shoes > Charles&Keith
Bangles > Lovisa
Necklaces > Forever21
Red Nail color > Etude House
Belanyat > My sister

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