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Outfit/Travel Diary : Brunch at LA/PA Bangsar

31 May 2015

Hola guys!
I'm sorry for late post today. I was busy having fun with my friend,Marina.I had an awesome day today. I feel so happy and inspired but I don't want to talk more about here, I will talk more on next post. For now, let's talk about my Saturday brunch.
I always dreamed to have day like this, go out on bright Saturday and eat my brunch. So, today I finally make it come true, thanks to Marina Unnie for make it come true too.I finally had this kind of day. And, it AWESOME! 
Please excuse my oversharing photo today, I feel like I wanted to share everything with you guys and share the happiness I had in my life today.
The cafe that we went is LA/PA at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. I never heard of it before but you can always find it here or full address as below:
LA PA: Your Neighbourhood Supply @ Bangsar
15, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Daily, 8am-11pm. Tel: 03-2201-4395

Dream do come true if you have courage to pursue it!

This kind of deco really make me dreaming again. I am girls with so many dreams as per usual.

I'm sorry for random photo. I love that chair..hehe

And, the foods that we ate for our brunch. We ate and drink, coffee. For me, I ordered rasberry coffee and we shared the pancake and steak and eggs.

On our way to find which cafe to have our brunch, I saw this interesting wall and as per usual, I asked my friend to take my outfit photos, a lot of it!hahhaa..

I called this backpack as my loyal backpack.Never goes out of style. I love that!

My present to myself last Christmas and our love still going strong! I love flat so much...

Latest update of my hair..its long than the longest I had previously. Yay! 

When you happy, lift your hand and say Yay!!

Finally, my photo with my beloved! I love my camera so much and its make my life more interesting. I love to be behind the camera and step in front of it as well, possible right? But, after all, I need friend to help me to press the button..hehe

 Thanks for visit and read my blog!
See you on my next post!

Keriitleto (Aya)

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