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Outfit Diary : Vintage skirt & Data Kakus

03 May 2015

Hi there!
Last weekend was total blast for me..
I'm so happy to be home and spend my time with my family again. I break my own record this year, I went back home twice this year. Usually, I only went back twice ( June and December) but this time, I'm planning to going back home frequent than before. I know, when I want going back home, I need more money for travel and other thing but now, I don't really care about that anymore. Money can be earn, but the time with my family will be never the same every time.I don't want to miss any moment with my family, I try my best to make time and see all my nephews growing up, they growing up so fasssttt and my parent getting older which I wanted to stop but I couldn't, so the only thing I can do now is make time for it when I still can. Every second was precious for me. I love to see their smiles, laughing, the food and all thing that we do together . I love everything about my family, its not perfect but that's all I got! I wanted to fill our home with love, laughter and joy everyday, I can make change and that change must start with myself first.
Okay, stop there first.. its time for my outfit diary last week.

Last week, I wore this outfit special for my photo shoot at special location,my village Kampung Data Kakus. I love the view here and I "dragged" my brother to become my photographer. I'm not really satisfy with the result but I'm thankful for his willingness to become my photographer, I'm try my best to teach him about the photography so he can become better photographer for me..hehe

What I love about this outfit is the skirt. I found this skirt on our old wardrobe at our home. The moment I saw it, I knew I gotta take photo with it.

Okay, its posing time :)

The sky, the road, the tree here is so refreshing..its make me feel so good to be here.

I'm so happy to be here..

Matching this grey vintage skirt with my black shirt is totally make me happy today.

My old nude wedges really make me look taller.
Tips : For shorter girl that wanted to look taller, buy nude shoes. You will look taller :)

This is the Kenyah art.Can you see the art above me? I'm really proud of this because my bro involved direct into the making of it.I'm proud sister now.

To end this post, let's take selfie.

And, if you noticed, I got new blog template again..
And, I've improve on my comment section, so feel free to comment on my blog now.
If you not really know how to use it, feel free to google on Disqus.

and, here is some of the view of my outfit shoot backdrop this week.

Thanks for reading and visit my blog.

See you on next post!



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