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Travel Diary: Hello Vietnam,again! | Appreciate every moment

19 May 2015

Hi guys!
How are you? It's very nice to see you here again.
I'm been MIA(missing in action) again here, on my blog since last week. I need to travel to Vietnam(again) due my main job.If you follow me on Instagram(@keriitleto) than you already know about my whereabouts. 
Every travel have different feeling for me. I still remember the first time I travel to other country, its very exciting and nervous feeling. This is my 6th times to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City to be specific, so I'm not nervous at all but I'm excited because I can visit my old favorite places  again.
Follow my travel diary via my photos.
Hope you'll enjoy it.

My lime passport holder that I got from Bata last year.

As I mentioned on my Instagram (@keriitleto), they write my name in big sizes but I like it.

This time, I love to take photo of the skies at HCM city, Vietnam. As many of you may know, I love skies.. whenever I went, I will take sky photos. I will share my pretty skies photo on another post.

The "Trung Nguyen Coffee" is No.1, I love Vietnam coffee. I can't wait to try other country coffee.

This city full of motorcycle but I realized that, there so many car on the road already.

During the night, I had a chance to wondering alone in some well know area. If you ever visited Vietnam, then you know Ben Thanh Market. It is well known area and one thing I love wondering alone here is went to my favorite coffee shop and act like local citizen.

And, here is my favorite coffee & tea shop! Phuc Long Coffee & Tea Express.

As you may know, I'm girls that had so many wished in my head so one of my wish is owned coffee shop and smell coffee everytime..ahhaa but need a proper plan and financial before started,right?

My favorite kind of coffee from this shop is Peach Black Tea ( its tea because if I drink coffee than I will not going to close my eyes the whole for now, drink tea)

And, selfie is must because I need to remember that I've been here.

As for dinner, I went to vege shop and I love the spring rolls..super yummy!!!

And continue to wondering alone again to make my food digest very fast. I love to wondering around here because no one bother me at all because Vietnamese always said I look like Vietnamese which I'm not sure it is true or what but I'm okay with anything that said.

The morning sky from my cab's window.

My lunch because I'm too busy with my job, just my latte make me alive.

Back from work in the evening, the view getting prettier and I'm focusing on building here.

Let's get some dinner but all the local closed so I need to find outside shop.

Before I went back, I get some souvenier for my family and friends.

I wished I could drive my own car with super high heels like this awesome girl.

The view of in front of our office in HCM city. Quite convenience for me and I love all the big trees.

For now, that's all. I hope you can see the good vibe from my travel photos. I'm thankful for the job that I'm doing right now because its make me able to see the outside world with my own eyes. I've witnessed people hard work and different lifestyle when I traveled. I always on my comfort zone and never to get out from it, but seeing other people doing their very best, I feel like I need to do my very best in everything that I'm capable of and appreciate every moment of it. Maybe, in future I will not able to go around for free ( it's business trip so that free).But, I promised myself, never stop travel and never stop working hard for whatever I wanted.

Finally, don't forget to check next post for another travel post.
Thanks for view and read my blog.


Aya from KeriitLeto

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