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Travel Diary : You captured my heart


Hi again!
It's Wednesday and I feel super tired from my last trip..fuhh! I sleep all day and try to regain my energy for another day. Sometime, we need to slow down our day. I've experience to do everything at once and its make me super tired and usually, I need to sleep one day to recover back. I still remember during my study time..haha, whenever there big exams the next couple day, I will start studying like crazy, no sleep at all, straight to go exam hall and answer all the "shit" there..haha.But, this is bad habit. 
Okay, if you follow me on Instagram (@keriitleto), you already see many skies photo I shared. I love skies so much. I love the view and I always look up on the skies whenever I feel so down. I believe that, God see me and we human living in the same skies no matter what your religion, your believe and whenever you are. We are same under this skies.
So, here is my pretty skies photo that taken from my last trip.
Here is the Vietnam skies. It's same like the one I used to look up in Malaysia. Here is the proof that we living under the same skies, just different land.

Whenever I come back from my hometown to KL, I really hate to see outside the flight window because I feel terribly sad when look outside. My family used to fetch me to airport during my study time and they'll see me off until they can't see my flight.
For me, my family is my treasure and my best thing I ever had. I will do my best for everyone.

But, if I travel abroad, I love to see the outside window because I know, nobody looking for me, just myself with my phone.

For me, whenever I'm on flight, I feel like maybe this is the end or maybe I will safely arrive at my destination. I just don't know what ahead me. But, only God I trust.

When you above the skies, I love love the view. I hope that one day, we are possible to touch the cloud during our flight..haha

Take a break! Keriitleto send love to you from here..haha

Okay, let's continue with all amazing photos of skies. How great is God's creation right?

The most beautiful view..I always wait for this view whenever I look out from the window. I just love love it.

Whenever I'm on my flight, I always bring one book to read because I love to read. And, this time, I bring my "Pedoman Harian", its kind of "Our Daily Bread" book in Bahasa Malaysia version. I know, I will going to missed many days, so I bring it with me.

How is it?
Do you love the photos? 

Thanks for visit my blog!


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