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Outfit Diary : Never get old

Hi everyone!
Happy Monday, hope you have a great day so far.
Just a little announcement, I will change my outfit Sunday post schedule to Monday from now on because I like to enjoy my Sunday as much as possible.What do you think? I hope you'll like my outfit Sunday will be on the blog on Monday.
I wearing my old but goddess piece,its black dress went to church yesterday because I'm not sure what to wear. I love wearing this dress because its super comfortable,kind strecthy and I feel so confident wear it. I like this about my dress.
You can find the previous pairing here. I love to buy outfit that I can wear more than one time.


Outfit : Army of your life

Hi everyone!
Happy Weekend, I hope you have a great plan today and for my Muslim friends, Happy Fasting!
For today outfit post, the olive green color make appearance again. You can see the previous pairing here,here and here.I currently love this color. For me, this color is really army vibe,right? In my humble opinion, this color represent the brave spirit and capable to do whatever ahead you. Usually, when you wear this color,you look so manly( I think that why our primary school student wearing this color right?)
Since, I am a lady so  I try to soften my look by adding the statement necklace and my favorite long cardigan.
What do you think of this look? Will you try this color on your style next time?


Outfit Ideas : Olive green outfits

Boyfriend V-Neck Tee - Anthropologie.com
Photo credit : anthropologie.com

Hi everyone!
Just want to share my color crush for this June.It's olive green.I did three outfit shooting wearing this new favorite color of mine. You can check here,here and here.
What do you think of this color?
In my humble opinion, this color can be your basic color on your closet.If you are student,  I know you maybe find so hard to buy clothes too frequent so the color must add on your style is olive green,it wont make you look old,I promise! If you are working lady, this one must have color on your closet as you can wear it for casual and formal as long as you can play well with it. And, here is some inspiration that I love.

Gallery : Keriitleto Kenyah Badeng 2015

Hi everyone!
How's your day? Hope your day is good. 
To make your mood more better, I want to share photo of Keriitleto Kenyah Badeng wearing our traditional clothes and even dancing in action. I'm so excited to share the photo with you guys because all the photo was taken by me with my little photography skills. I'm still improving..
Please do comment below if you find the photo interesting or not intersting. I would like to see your opinion. Without further due, let me present my photos. I hope you enjoy it and have a great day!


Outfit Diary : Oh! that dust blue cardigan..

Hi everyone!
First of all, I want to say "sorry" because my photo quality today is not good as I expected. Too much light and I can't even save it even with any editing tools I ever had. If you expert on photography, can you share tips with me "how to edit overexposed photo?". Lesson for today, try not to take photo with bright light. But, that can't stopped me to share my favorite pairing today. I finally back to my normal shade, I mean white and blue again. And, this time my new favorite color which is dust blue!I know, its hot day and I can wear this cardigan..haha, dont worry! The thickness of this cardigan just right for our weather and I will wear it again when raining day. 

Tega tawai Amai | Happy Father's day 2015

Today is Father's day and I feel sad because I cannot celebrate this special day with my father again.
While celebrating the Father's day at church today, I feel so emotional because I'm supposed to be there for my father but I'm here, wondering and searching for better life. If you live with your family, never take this for granted! Never forget to celebrate this special day with your parent.
I wished I could eat together with my family again and share any food on the table.
My best moment with my father was during my Degree graduation day on 2011.Whenever I feel bad living here, I always take a look of these special photos and this make me feel so happy because there one moment of my father's life, he was smiling proudly. I will work hard to continue make him to be proud of me.
I love my father's smile. This make me feel strong to move foward everyday.

 Our father is our best friend. They sometime just ignore a little thing but they do care about you. Amai, tega tawai oban nengayet meta tega me amek padik ngan nengayet mecuk ake' sekola ngan alek memamik me ake lemoto. Dalau masa uk tosa dalem udip uk, ake akan lemoto engkin iku dalem temamik ek.

 Amai, ke engke engke pe ake' ketai dalem udip ji, ake' lemoto nawai cung engke ek ngan mung dau nasihat uk make. Ake' nawai mung da. 

To all Keriitleto and manai out there, never waste any moment with your parent. Cherish every moment with them while they still with us. As we grow old, they grow older and that make me feel sad but I can't control that. What can I do now is take care of them and be good to them as much I can. Even the little thing like never ending the call first, I always asked my mum or dad to off their phone first whenever they called because I feel so hard to say goodbye every call, never say rude words to your parent. You are in your current life because of them and without their care, you will never life in that way. If you ever said something bad to your father, its not to late to say " I'm sorry, forgive me for my bad word", this few words is powerful. 
If you never say " I love you or Ake' malak iku'" to your father, just say it like you tell someone you love so much. I know, its not our culture to say that but its good culture. Its so awkward first but you will used to it. The first time I said " Ake' malak iku Amai" to my father, I feel so embrassed and awkward but I feel so good and its make me hard to say goodbye. Say the good words to your parent as long as you can.
Never take anything for granted in this life.
Appreciate everything and be good to each other while we can.

Amai, ake' lemoto malak iku pabik medan medan pe.
I know, he unable to read all these but I will share it with him when I going back home soon.
You are the reason I'm writing on my blog and share my story with others.

Happy Father's day to all daddy in the world!


Gallery : Smile

The best thing I can see everytime I'm behind the camera is people's smile. I love to see people look and feel happy whenever I took their photos. 
This is the my main reason to learn photography, I wanted to capture every beautiful,handsome smile in the world and make memories of beautiful scene in this life.

First, I want to introduce the first #keriitleto I ever shoot on my blog. I hope I can shoot more of #keriitleto after this.

If you feel interested or want me to take your photo, please kindly do contact me at keriit.estelle@gmai.com

Let's make a good memories in our life and focus on beautiful and positive things.

~Keriitleto Aya~

Outfit Diary : The older the better | Do you love you?

Hi,nice to see you here again.
Hope you have a great day so far.
Today, I want to share what I'm wearing to church last Sunday. For this pairing, I just randomly pick because I have no idea what to wear.Girls always have this problem but I got one tips,  whenever in doubt, always pick your favorites and make yourself look the best on it. I always no idea what to talk on my blog (i'm sorry..) but once I got the topic I can't stop writing, and it  will make my blog entry super long.But, today I feel wanna share something that very important for any girls or maybe gentlemen out there.Before I begin, I want you to ask this question to yourself,
"Do you like you?"


Outfit Diary : Striped shirt + black jegging | Never let go of that dream

Hi there!
Happy Sunday.
Today was a blessed day because I still able to see the beautiful view on earth. There so many places that I ever been but still our own place still the best. One of my favorite place is Putrajaya. I love the view here, its so gorgeous and breathtaking for my photo but I need to improve my photography skills. For outfit diary today, I wanna share my simple style for easy and ready outfit shoot day with my new sweetheart from Sometime. I really love to support our local brand and I hope you support them too. For handbag lovers, you can visit Sometime Online shopping, here.
For now, enjoy my outfit shooting yesterday.

Keriitleto WP : Handmade flower crown

Keriitleto Tips : Online shopping with Sometime ( Asian Designers) | Tips how to do it right.

Thanks for visit Keriitleto.
Today, its all about tips for Online shopping. Have you ever experience do online shopping?
and have you heard about Sometime brand before?
If yes, yay! and if no, don't worry, I will let you know what it is or you just can go to their website here.
or to make it easier for you guys, I copied from their About Us page as below;
Sometime  is a bag specialist company that works with selected Asian designers and fashion icons to design and produce exclusive bags.
Recently, I bought one bag from their collabration with Poplook and as I wrote this post, some of the bag already sold out, pretty fast! .So, I am excited to share the experience and tips  and of course, the photo of my new sweetheart.


Outfit Diary : Olive green pant + striped t-shirt

Hi there!
Happy Monday! Hope you have a great time so far.
Another favorite color to add on my list!"
It's olive green or army green. Last week, I wore my olive green t-shirt,here and this week I wore my skinny olive green pant which I bought recently to church. And, I want to wear more pant outfit on my blog because that can show how big is my thigh and butt..hahaa.I love this color because it seem shout "this is man color"..ahaaha, funny right? Nowadays, I love something that make me feel stronger and believe in myself.


Outfit Diary : Pua kumbu long cardigan

Hi there!
Happy Sunday! Hope you have a blessed Sunday. This Sunday was quite emotional for me as we praying for Sabah, I'm not lived in Sabah but I've some relative and friends lived there so I only able to keep them in my praying and I hope you too. I've seen a lot of great story from my social media and I feel proud of people that can directly help anyone that effected by this disaster.In my humble opinion, everything happen, there reason behind it and God never leave who believe in HIM, not every single moment. We will continue to bring Sabah in our prayers.
I'm so excited to share my outfit diary today because it super special. Its related to where am I belong. Everything that related to where am I from is always special.
Never forget where you come from and be proud of it.


Outfit Diary : Oh,tulip!

Hi there!
I'm officially sharing my favorite flower on my blog!
I love and love and love tulip, especially white tulip. But, since there no white tulip on sale so I bought this but still I love it! I always have a dream to visit the country that had full of tulips. I working toward that every day and one day, I will stand in front of the tulips garden..arrrrghh.. I'm dreaming again.
For now, let's enjoy myself with fake tulip!

Outfit Diary : Grateful heart | Continue to pray for Sabah

Hi there!
Its Saturday again..yay!
I'm so excited about my Saturday today, nothing special but I feel grateful for another day in my life and I got the day I do my hobby. But, I never forget what happened in Sabah for this moment. I feel so shocked the day I read the news. Earthquake in Sabah is quite shocked and it reminder for us to stay grateful and continue to stay in faith as there will be weird thing happen to world.
It very rare for me to post outfit diary post on Saturday but today, I share something special. I even share two version of outfit diary today, I hope you guys love it.
Enjoy the photos.

Travel Diary : Floria Putrajaya 2015 (Night)

Hi there!
I'm still not move on from the great view of Floria Putrajaya 2015. I love this event and this is my third years went to this event,I am big fan of this event. I automatically feel happy like a  little girls whenever I have chance to go to this event. But, this past 2 years, we have to pay the entrance fees which make me unable to visit so frequently.But, I'm not complaining! I am happy as long as I can enter and take a lot of photos.
You can check my last year Floria Putrajaya 2014, here.

Outfit Diary : Olive green | Change it if you don't like!

Hi there!
Hope you have a great day.
For outfit diary today, I wearing my olive green shirt that I bought long time ago and I'm not wearing it because I always feel not so right to wear it. I feel like this color is so manly..haha, I am not sure why I think like that. But, lately I'm into man clothes. I can't visit man department because whenever I went there, I am so tempted to buy their clothes. Don't be surprised, I bought it for myself, not for anyone else.
 Pairing this olive green shirt quite challenging for me, I need to avoid it look so manly and too casual and  I need to make it look girlish. So, I pairing it with some girlish items such as my nude shoes which people said can make our legs look taller.
Owhhh..really? Am I look taller here?

Outfit/Travel Diary : Floria Putrajaya 2015 | Stop waiting,stop complaining

Hi there!
I'm sorry for too frequent post this weekend. I have a lot beautiful thing to share with you guys.You have seen me wearing this outfit on my previous post or my brunch post, here. The moment I saw this shirt dress, I knew it going to be great statement item on my closet.But,too bad I got bigger stomach and my rear side is not good enough for this kind of dress, that I'm thinking and leave the dress. But, after walking around, then I'm thinking why should I think what people might think of me, or maybe they don't even bother it. So, I went back to get it and here I am with my black shirt dress.