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Keriitleto Tips : Online shopping with Sometime ( Asian Designers) | Tips how to do it right.

13 June 2015

Thanks for visit Keriitleto.
Today, its all about tips for Online shopping. Have you ever experience do online shopping?
and have you heard about Sometime brand before?
If yes, yay! and if no, don't worry, I will let you know what it is or you just can go to their website here.
or to make it easier for you guys, I copied from their About Us page as below;
Sometime  is a bag specialist company that works with selected Asian designers and fashion icons to design and produce exclusive bags.
Recently, I bought one bag from their collabration with Poplook and as I wrote this post, some of the bag already sold out, pretty fast! .So, I am excited to share the experience and tips  and of course, the photo of my new sweetheart.

First,its time for tips.
Tips 1 : Do they have flagship shop?
Before you make purchase on online shop, its better to confirm whether they have their flagship store that you can visit.Why? waiting is not a good thing you know.
Tips 2: Other customer review and check all their social media 
You just can google the brand example Sometime bag review. You'll see bunch of it.Focus on the shipping review and about the bag, its important!
Tips 3 : The payment method
Since you going to spend your money, make sure the payment method is easy and secure.

Now,let's talk about my online shopping experience at Sometime and my review of this Asian designer bag. 

Review 1 : I prefer they shipped me in the box because I scared my bag will out of shaped. But, thank goodness, my bag is safe even though they shipped it like this.

Review 2 : I love it when the bag I purchased come with dust bag. Easy for me to store my bag.

Here it is! My new sweetheart! What do you think?

Review 3 : I love the zip and the structure of end of zip. It very hard for me to find the bag with zip like this in the price RM129.

Review 3 : The bag quite roomy. I can put my DSLR everytime and everywhere I go for now without bring my extra bag.But, not much compartment inside which make me less happy.I love more compartment because I am not organized person.

Review 4 : Its come with extra strap! Which is really my style! I love 2 way bag, I mean you can carry it or you can make it as shoulder bag.

Review 5 : Whenever I bought bag, I always look at their handle part. Why? This part is most important part to look at. Make sure it in good condition and secure. I always bought cheap bag before and this is one of the bag issue, the handle part will torn out after some time.

Last but no least, the bag foundation ( I'm not sure this correct name). Make sure not put so heavy stuff.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
I hope the review and tips help you on your next bag purchase. All the tips is based on my own experience and experiment (hehehe).

Thanks and have a good Saturday.


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