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Outfit : Army of your life

27 June 2015

Hi everyone!
Happy Weekend, I hope you have a great plan today and for my Muslim friends, Happy Fasting!
For today outfit post, the olive green color make appearance again. You can see the previous pairing here,here and here.I currently love this color. For me, this color is really army vibe,right? In my humble opinion, this color represent the brave spirit and capable to do whatever ahead you. Usually, when you wear this color,you look so manly( I think that why our primary school student wearing this color right?)
Since, I am a lady so  I try to soften my look by adding the statement necklace and my favorite long cardigan.
What do you think of this look? Will you try this color on your style next time?

This what I usually wear for my day work. Easy and very simple,that why I love engineering/manufacturing field, I can wear anything I like everyday but minus the necklaces, I wear it after work.

After work, if I got any meet up with my friend, I will add this statement necklace and if the weather a bit chilly, I will add the long cardigan but for today, I just love to wear it.

 I'm so lucky today because one of my friend willing to be my photographer and I just love the environment today. I wished my everyday will be end like this everyday, do something that I love.

Be a strong women and don't let your fear bigger than your dreams

Let's take a break from my posing..buahahaa
I will always love Putrajaya,such a beautiful city for me. Start from the buildings to environment,I just love it. I will never wasted this blessing!

This kind of structure.remind m with city vibe which I always love. Its my dreams.

Okay,back to my posing again.Sorry guys! I just love all the photos. But, still need a lot of improvement.

Before going back, just can stop to take photo anywhere.

You are the army of your life.
You are the one know what to do in your life.
Never lose hope in yourself and always work hard toward whatever you want.
But,most of all, everything is not new under the sun. You know what I mean.
God is above all.


Outfits :
Cardigan : Cotton On
Shirt : H&M
Pant: Cotton On
Flat : Brand Outlets ( Now, they have promotion Buy 1 Free 1)
Bag: Sometimes
Necklace ; Forever21
Nail color : Etude House
Lipstick : Silky Girl

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