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Outfit Diary : Grateful heart | Continue to pray for Sabah

06 June 2015

Hi there!
Its Saturday again..yay!
I'm so excited about my Saturday today, nothing special but I feel grateful for another day in my life and I got the day I do my hobby. But, I never forget what happened in Sabah for this moment. I feel so shocked the day I read the news. Earthquake in Sabah is quite shocked and it reminder for us to stay grateful and continue to stay in faith as there will be weird thing happen to world.
It very rare for me to post outfit diary post on Saturday but today, I share something special. I even share two version of outfit diary today, I hope you guys love it.
Enjoy the photos.

After so long abandoned this cap, its back again! 

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
I will share next version soon..
Stay in faith and continue to pray for Sabah.
Dear my Sabah friends, stay strong and be careful there,God will be with you guys.


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