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Outfit Diary : Olive green | Change it if you don't like!

02 June 2015

Hi there!
Hope you have a great day.
For outfit diary today, I wearing my olive green shirt that I bought long time ago and I'm not wearing it because I always feel not so right to wear it. I feel like this color is so manly..haha, I am not sure why I think like that. But, lately I'm into man clothes. I can't visit man department because whenever I went there, I am so tempted to buy their clothes. Don't be surprised, I bought it for myself, not for anyone else.
 Pairing this olive green shirt quite challenging for me, I need to avoid it look so manly and too casual and  I need to make it look girlish. So, I pairing it with some girlish items such as my nude shoes which people said can make our legs look taller.
Owhhh..really? Am I look taller here?
If you ever follow my outfit diary post, probably you know that I always wearing skirt and I think, I can count my outfit diary post wearing pant. I always avoid to wear pants whenever  I do photo shoot for my outfit diary post. Why? As you can see, I had a quite big thigh and butt..ahhaa. It getting bigger!ahahha.. Sometime, I feel not secure and not confident with all these and I always wished that I got thigh gap and flat butt. But, some people always wanted to have bigger butt and good looking thigh/legs. Whatever your size, appreciate it and embrace it! If you don't like it, don't complaining, change it!

I smile so awkwardly here because there some random family parking their car just beside where I am standing now and they look at me with their weird eyes..haha, just ignore them.

I'm with my favorite kind of deco..light light!
And, finally the last photo is my first night outfit photo. The result is not so good but I'll improve on this.

As usual,thanks for visit and read my blog!
When I say thank you, I do really mean it. Before I end this post, let we together remind ourselves,
"Whatever your dreams, you can achieve it if you have courage to do it".

Outfit Details::
Shirt : Forever21
Black Pants : My sister's pants
Shoes : Charles&Keith
Bag : Vietnam
Necklace: Forever21
Bangles : Lovisa & Sarawakian Bangles

Photography: Ellis Mering

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