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Outfit Diary : Pua kumbu long cardigan

07 June 2015

Hi there!
Happy Sunday! Hope you have a blessed Sunday. This Sunday was quite emotional for me as we praying for Sabah, I'm not lived in Sabah but I've some relative and friends lived there so I only able to keep them in my praying and I hope you too. I've seen a lot of great story from my social media and I feel proud of people that can directly help anyone that effected by this disaster.In my humble opinion, everything happen, there reason behind it and God never leave who believe in HIM, not every single moment. We will continue to bring Sabah in our prayers.
I'm so excited to share my outfit diary today because it super special. Its related to where am I belong. Everything that related to where am I from is always special.
Never forget where you come from and be proud of it.

The statement item today is Pua Kumbu long cardigan.
 Pua kumbu is a traditional tribal textile woven in longhouses to the Iban of Sarawak (Borneo) to be specific. Pua mean "blanket" and kumbu mean "wrap", please correct me if I'm wrong. Pua kumbu was used usually for traditional ceremony.But, nowadays, I've seen it used to make skirt, shirt and as for me, I make it to long cardigan which I always love.

Originally, this is baju kurung given by my dear housemate,Gen (thanks Gen!) and I modified it into long cardigan, I hope she not shocked see it like this.
I know I'm short but that not stopped me wearing long cardigan, I got high heels help me look taller..hehe

For the modern vibe, I wearing it with my trusty handbag. You've seen this bag so often here on my blog..haha

Since the original use of this Pua Kumbu is baju kurung and I turned it into long cardigan, I hope it not make my Iban friends feel "bad" about this. I hope this able to show the beautiful of Pua Kumbu in my way.

Its raining this morning and I feel inspired to wear light weight long cardigan and this Pua Kumbu long cardigan is my perfect choice and its time for her to shine and make statement on my outfit today.

  I add some modern pattern to my outfit by wearing my favorite statement necklace that automatically make me feel great.

For the traditional vibe, I wearing it with my inuk smartphone case which handmade from Sarawak. If you interesting, you can always comment below, I will make sure it will available for you.

When I wore something that I feel confident about, I will automatically laugh like crazy lady on my photos. Always remember, wear anything you love confidently and be happy about it.

How beautiful is this!!!! I'm so into all the traditional thing that I can use in modern way.

Oh..that olive green pant..I will share the story on next coming post.....

Thanks for wonderful day that you ever make in my life.. I feel thankful!

This beaded bangle I bought it from Cotton On, its for charity. Its beautiful right?

My feet in natural color..ahhaha

Last but not least, I wanted to share picture of silly me..I always do this whenever I do outfit shooting with my friends. I automatically do my silly dance and move like crazy. I will share the video on my Instagram so if you wanna see it, you can follow or see me on Instagram (@keriitleto)

Thank you very much as usual for take your time to read and scrolling until here. My mission this month was I wanna wear more pants on my outfit post, no matter how big is my thigh and my butt. I don't care! I wanna show to all keriitleto out there, your size is doesn't matter, you can be beautiful in your way. If you don't like see all the fat, you can change it! As I always said " Never complain about anything that you not willing to change".

God blessed,


Wearing ::

Long cardigan : DIY by Keriitleto
Olive green pant : Cotton On
Striped shirt : Cotton On
Heels : Carlo Rino
Bag : Thailand
Smartphone case : Handmade from Sarawak

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